Many major insurance agencies are starting to terminating drivers who are using their own vehicles for a company such as Lyft, Uber, Sidecar and other car app based businesses. Those companies are only few years old and gives people the opportunity to use their car to supplement a part-time jobs. The way he earns money is by picking up people locally and dropping them off at different locations.

Lyft, Uber and other agencies that offer this type of part time income has had many contractors facing major issues such as assault, locking in customers to pay up, or to allow drivers to force clients to up the stars rating service before letting them out. Crazy, eh?

It is trendy right now and a cool concept for those that want to be making extra money. This includes college students, mid-age individuals and other people who need to make extra money. Unfortunately, with all the incidences happening,  insurance agencies are being slammed with a larger amount of claims. This increase has been caused by the incidents that are happening here and there. Some areas in the country that have been slammed with recent incidents are Virginia and California’s largest areas such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“In the past few weeks the SFPD (San Francisco Police Department) Airport Bureau has cited three TNC (Transportation Network Company) drivers for no proof of insurance, two for improper display of license plate, three for no registration, and two for no driver’s license” wrote by John Martin. (Source: Forbes)

California Department of Insurance

There’s are several horrible, terrifying or scary situations that have been reported. LAist reported that somebody working with Uber locked their customer in until the customer give them a 5 stars before letting them out of the car. (Source: Another example is, TheNextWeb wrote an article about tasteless situation can be found here. Hearing culture can be considered as individualized culture and when somebody asks a question such as “Why am I getting 3 stars instead of 5?”, hearing people often feel uncomfortable.

In our culture, we appreciate bluntness because drivers need to know if they are driving rough, too fast for the client’s taste or not adjusting to the client’s preference. This feature can leave many people in hearing community feeling tasteless. Awkward for hearing community, but for us – not so much.

Written by Jasun Hicks
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