Zombie Walk becomes Violent. 07/28/2014.

Zombie Walk becomes Violent. 07/28/2014.

One recent article has gone viral because a man hit a woman trying to cross a crosswalk during the Comic-Con Zombie walk event. While accidents happen, people are responding to it in a hateful way, especially towards people in this community. Apparently, deaf people have a faulty gene and need to be executed because they are unable to function and are a menace to society. That is what is being said in the comments about the article. While only a few people mention his genes and how they’re faulty, many blame him for being ignorant.

Zombie Walk Comment suggesting Deaf people should be executed.

Comment on an article about ZombieWalk suggesting Deaf people should be executed.

The sad truth behind this particular comment is that people believe that being deaf is sometimes as a result of genetic disorders. The other piece of truth is, a lot of people are ignorant and do not understand that what they say has very little truth in how such genetic shortcomings affect everyday lives of people. Even though initial reports indicate that the driver had started driving forth because his children were frightened by people surrounded by the car and beating on it.

“The crowd started punching the windows,” Stafford said. “They even jumped on the hood of the car. They smashed the windshield.” Police say the father drove forward again trying to get away from the “mob-mentality” crowd, and that’s when he struck the woman with the side of his car.

How is being frightened by people climbing on the hood of a car and beating windows caused by genetics? Any sane person would be scared and not want to be in that particular situation where the circumstance is beyond anyone’s control. The matter of safety for the children involved was another area of concern. His windshield was smashed in the process. For further information about the event, Deadline has been keeping their readers updated on the incident.

Zombie Walk Participants. 07/28/2014.

Zombie Walk Participants. 07/28/2014.

As of late, it has been clearly indicated that there were no walking dead participants involved in the incident.

Lt. Marshall White, who is in charge of special events for the San Diego Police Department, has shed new light on Saturday’s incident, saying that while there were people dressed as zombies in the intersection where the woman was hit, they were not part of the initial group of ZombieWalkers, which were about four to six blocks ahead of that intersection at the time.” (Deadline)

There is no further information available at this time on what is going to happen with the man who hit the 64 year old woman. There are many people that would love to point at the driver for his mistakes and nobody is denying that this is a very bad situation, however that does not mean that all Deaf people need to be executed because of one person’s decision in trying to protect himself and his family that results in tragedy.

All too often, investigations occur with bias involved, and this particular commentator exemplifies such biased observation. This could have happened to any other person that was not “genetically defective.” To take a rational stand and comment without bias, one must assess the situation and how it evolved to the point where it became necessary for the driver to take such actions that led to the tragic incident involving the pedestrian.

Written by Mary Pat Withem
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