If people were unable to make it to Street Leverage conference in Austin, Texas they can follow #iamleverage or Street Leverage on Twitter  and Facebook to get live updates. These live updates are coming from the group of people in the picture above (from Street Leverage Facebook page) who are part of Street Leverage’s dedicated social media team. This is to help more people be involved with what they have to offer. Street Leverage also has live coverage on their website. Even if presentations have already come to pass, the information is still up and available for viewers to check out.

Wondering why it’s worth it for anybody to attend Street Leverage – Live, there is an article on what there is to expect and the overall coverage available. One thing that they say is,”Each morning attendees are addressed by a series thought leaders in a TED style session of 20-minute talks. Each speaker is followed by a 15-minute period of question and answer.” (Street Leverage)

Interested in watching their past videos, check their series available on the website.

Street Leverage views themselves as a step up above the “water cooler” dialogue that interpreters have had over the years because they help bring a large group of individuals that are like-minded. Following #iamleverage on twitter and viewing their live videos will ensure that the event reaches people far and wide that were unable to be at each presentation.

To further understand what the purpose of Street leverage, their mission is – Live to foster an enhanced sense of community by uniting and mobilizing interpreters and industry stakeholders in an effort to create meaningful change within the field of sign language interpreting.

Written by Mary Pat Withem