[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcdQJJbnKGU]

This video demonstrates the Neutral Platform philosophy in a visual way to appeal to people that use VRS providers to make their phone calls. There have been so many great articles out there discussing what neutral platform is and concerns that Convo Relay has about them especially since they are the ones that have been hosting open chats about the proposed Neutral Platform idea with the community. The video does also include a link to the live chat archived for those that are interested in seeing the most recent live chat with Jeff Rosen and Ed Bosson.

The biggest blooper that Convo made in this video is not recognizing the other two providers, CAAG VRS and Global VRS. While this error is probably something that was unintentional, that shows just how careless designers can be when discussing situations that aren’t beneficial to them. CAAG VRS Vice President, Jeremy Jack commented on Silent Grapevine’s Facebook post about this video.

This shows just how the four “bigger” VRS providers separate themselves from the other two that also deserve to be recognized. Hopefully Convo Relay will fix the error and reunite the six VRS providers under one roof. The VRS industry has never needed a stronger front than now because of FCC’s decision-making process slowly changing the industry without much say from them or the community. 
Decisions that FCC makes will change the industry one way or another and while people are both for or against the idea of Neutral Platform, they all agree on one thing. Job security for people in the VRS industry is not secure and people need to be aware of what’s happening so they can ensure that regardless of whether the netural platform goes into action or not, the availability of jobs needs to remain at a good number. VRS is what keeps a lot of people off SSI/SSA and provides a stable working environment and support system for the community. 
Written by Mary Pat Withem