Motto: this is what's happening today, we are burning bridges between the executive, legislative and the judical system.  4/30/2015.

This is what’s happening today, we are burning bridges between the Executive, Legislative and the Judicial system.Wikipedia License. Obtained 4/30/2015.

“The great principle of self government is at stake, and surely the people of this country are never going to decide that the principle upon which our whole republican system rests is vicious and wrong.” —Stephen Douglas

Well, here we are again… Same underlying issues that led to the slavery issue, which was in the end a political tool used by both sides, still exists to this day. At the core of both issues of the past and today with regards to the riots and protests going on across America related to police brutality, corporate excesses, lack of superior education for all, a serious lack of social responsibility…

How much do the people allow the federal government to have control over how we live our lives? Today, our laws certainly are written in the extremes addressing current social issues and favors the super rich while maintaining the status quo of the lower economic classes and keeping them trapped there under a tight grip by the lobbyist industry.

Before the civil war occurred, those in powers tried to find a balance with the southern need for slavery as their entire ecosystem was based on slavery, the slave power was however in the hands of those few rich Southern people. While the rest struggled to cope with the idea that slavery still existed in their country due to the cotton plantations and the idea of being freemen. The slave issue was turned into a political medium and it erupted into war because no compromise was ever found that worked for every one. The forefathers foresaw this and left the issue alone. They also knew this issue would be a test of American continuity later down the road. Because that test required a social change of attitudes if the slave issue would ever be addressed and permanently resolved.

Unfortunately, civil war had to happen to bring about those changes. Because of forced change and disrespect, the Jim Crow laws cropped up in its place. Martin Luther King Jr. brought about changes through his peaceful protest movement despite the fact that the Black Panthers tried to bring about change by force.

Now, we are dealing with our own forms of oppression through discrimination and superiority of self worth. What has led to our present predicament on social injustice is due to the fact that the government has sapped so much power away from the states and now dictate how we live our lives according to the moral superiority of others. This is just outright oppression… Like slavery… Social laws need to be left to the states, we are way too diverse to have societal norms written into federal law. Social responsibility cannot be forced on people, it must be taught by expectation and guidance.

Motto: we are poised to arrive at this state of decay. 4/30/2015.

We are poised to arrive at this state of decay. Wikipedia License. Obtained 4/30/2015.

This is a vicious cycle that is the disease of America from birth as the majority of us are descendants from Europe and in truth…. We never truly broke away from European traditions and immoral values. The forefathers started the process but later generations of politicians became self centered and stopped it in its infancy.

This leads to the feeling of disenfranchisement by the masses. We are in a corner and those of you in power continue to provoke us! Those in power…. If they want something done to prevent this from turning into another civil war that could very well tear us asunder and then the world will have lost its beacon of precious individual freedom ideologies… Then there needs to be an effectual change in societal laws NOW, not later by transferring the majority of those social laws to the state and county level.

We don’t want to become another collapsed country like the former USSR due to its failed social laws and China then takes over the world, do we?

Motto: New leader risen from the ashes of a fallen republican government and continues the original Constitution. 4/30/2015

New leader risen from the ashes of a fallen republican government and continues the original Constitution.  From What House Down Movie. (Sony Pictures) Obtained 4/30/2015

To our political leaders,

You are the government that we as the people signed a contract to work for us to bring unity. You are failing in your duty to your people. The riots is only just the beginning, it shows that there are people ready for change.

A great and a terrible social injustice has been committed by the government and the government must repent.

You will answer for your terrible crime, because we will bring you down, if you don’t listen to the masses. It is our right that the current government shall perish if it fails in its duty to the masses and a new one reformed in the ashes of ancient.