The World Federation of the Deaf has a International member, “International Deaf Emergency” that is raising funds to “help Deaf survivors of the earthquake in Nepal. ”

Emmanuel Jacq, the IDE Executive Director made a video to request funds for their efforts in Nepal.


He starts the video explaining about Nepal and how it is very difficult for individuals that are impacted by the earthquake and have no access to communication. They are isolated and scared because there is nobody to talk to them and explain what’s going on in sign Language. Often announcements about food and blanket/shelter options are done through megaphones and not very accessible.

IDE helps with food, building shelter, and setting up schools for children. In Nepal, they believe that two hundred dollars each family will help with food, shelter, and repairs of their property if needed.

Not only do families need assistance but local deaf organizations do as well. It’s a very trying time for individuals in Nepal. IDE is there to provide access to the basics that everybody else is receiving.

They have estimated 30 families would be in need and for a month’s worth of supplies, two hundred dollars is what will support one family. That’s where six of the nine thousand dollars they are trying to raise came from.

Another one thousand dollars will be for the local deaf organizations that need assistance as well.

The remaining two thousand dollars will be applied to a security fund. In total that is nine thousand dollars. So far, they have been able to raise $1,000. As an American Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), they are able to send a letter with verification of funds you donated as a tax write off.

Emmanuel took a few minutes to talk with us about what’s happening and how his team is reacting to the earthquake in Nepal.


Check out their website for more information about their mission and vision as a NGO.