[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdbZ9H56DpY]
A little boy named Hunter got the surprise of a lifetime when he went to the ballpark to watch a minor league baseball team play. The Dayton Dragons mascot took some time to sign to Hunter and communicate with him in ASL as that is his primary language. The family had been waiting to go in and watch the Dayton Ohio minor league baseball team play and saw the furry dragon come over with a member of the Green Team – Paul, (who is an ASL interpreter according to ABC) and watched both Paul and the Mascot sign to Hunter. 

When somebody watches the video, they can see how happy this little boy is because he was able to talk to Heater. What Heater doesn’t realize is that this little boy is his biggest fan!

“You can see on the video, his smile is like, he gets me, he speaks my language, he understands me,” Hunter’s mother, Cheri Samworth, told local ABC affiliate WKEF. “Just a completely different experience for Hunter.”

Having mascots out there that learn sign and are able to communicate with children and is looked at as an amazing way to reach out to those that only use ASL for their communication method. This video above was captured by Huter’s father, Matt Samworth.