The XVII World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf is happening this summer in Istanbul, Turkey on July 19-25, 2015. Braam is doing this fundraiser to help four South African youth leaders fly to Istanbul. He is a WFDYS Board Member and a Council member of the UNICEF Global Partnership of Children with Disabilities. As somebody that has attended a WFDYS camp, it is important to him to see South African camp participants attending the camp so his term can end on a high note.  South Africa did not attend any participants to two other camps during his tenure. (WFDYS Junior Camp in Rome, Italy and WFDYS Children Camp in Washington DC)

Braam took some time to talk with DSTibdits about his memories at camp. He highlighted the opportunity to meet many youths from all kinds of countries all over the world. Learning their culture, history, sign languages, and participated on the ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

What led to him growing a beard? Most people shave their heads for a cause, “it’s quite another thing to grow something… especially a beard. I have never grown a beard before so it has been an adventure for me!” Braam exclaimed during the interview.

Who will decide who gets the money, we asked him. Braam emphasized that the Deaf Federation of South Africa (DeafSA) will make the selections of who receives the funding and he is not involved in the selection process. Braam will send the funds to them as soon as the fundraiser is over.

It is also very important to remember that youth is the world’s future so having an effort for inclusion is very important. Braam feels it is much needed for the South African delegation team to support their youth in attending events such as this one. Because of his age, he has out-lived his capability to run for another term however he is definitely going to continue to represent with the UNICEF as a Youth Council Member. This doesn’t mean he is done with the WFD level.

To check out the fundraiser, go to Braam’s Indiegogo fundraiser page. Don’t forget to tag him on twitter and Facebook when you do donate to help spread awareness. A perk was added recently. Donate $30 to “Beard Up Braam” campaign and you will get a children book version of “The Rubbish Monster”

Here are some recent pictures, Courtesy of Braam Jordaan:

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With this fundraiser, we are giving these young adults the opportunity to excel and achieve everything they can dream of.