For three years now, Samsung and Apple have been fighting over patents. As the patent trial of the century (started in 2011) back in 2012 wrapped up, it focused entirely on whether certain Samsung products were utilizing Apple technology (this is without paying for it) and was a $930 million win for Apple. Round two came and this time the trial was focused on different patents and devices.

May 2, 2014; the jury reached a verdict on round two of Apple vs Samsung patent lawsuits. While the Galaxy S II damages has not been determined, Apple currently owes Samsung $158,400 but Samsung has to cut a bigger check to Apple. The total for this “bigger check” is $119 million 625 thousand dollars.  They had each requested much larger numbers. Samsung asked for 6.2 million dollars while Apple asked for 2.2 billion dollars. On Monday it is expected that the results of Samsung Galaxy S II will be available.

The reason why Apple felt like they were entitled to 2.2 billion dollars is because they say that Samsung stole (or was stealing) five smartphone features. David Minel from Fansided quoted Associated press,

San Jose juries have come to a huge decision regarding the Apple vs Samsung case. Members of the jury came to the conclusion that Samsung had infringed on several Apple patents and would have to pay $120 million in damages. But that wasn’t all.

It was also determined that Apple infringed Samsung patents, which resulted in Apple having to fork over some money of their own to their competition. It wouldn’t be as much as Apple’s award, actually it wouldn’t even put a dent in it. Apple is supposed to be paying Samsung $158 thousand in damages. (David Minel)

 A note from the jurors asked, “Is there any evidence available to us that would answer this question, “What did Steve Jobs say at the moment he directed, or decided to prosecute a case against Samsung.” Was Google mentioned and/or included in that directive, or subsequent directives, to be included in any way in the case?” The reason Google is mentioned in this is because of Samsung’s closing argument and were involved in testifying against Apple.

It’s possible that the answer that the jury received helped determine whether they were to order Apple or Samsung to pay out for patent violations.

“An Apple spokeswoman said Friday’s ruling reinforced its belief that Samsung “willfully stole our ideas and copied our products.” She added the company will fight to defend “the hard work that goes into beloved products like the iPhone.”(Wall Street Journal – Daisuke Wakabayashi and Ian Sherr)

Written by Mary Pat Withem