There are now four hopeful cities for the 2024 Olympics in America. While the country has not been chosen yet, these four cities are in the running to become “THE” city America uses to bid for the 2024 Olympics. The current list includes Los Angeles (hosted the 1984 Olympics), San Francisco, Boston, and Washington, D.C. The elite list had included San Diego and Dallas but both cities got eliminated leaving the “Final four” New York City and Philadelphia had considered but declined to bid for the 2024 Olympics.

Boston Globe reported the chances of their hosting the 2024 Olympics being increased by saying, “Boston’s improbable dream – to become host city for the 2024 Summer Olympics — is suddenly a bit more real.The city has made the United States Olympic Committee’s “short list” of potential 2024 host candidates, the USOC said this afternoon.”

LA Times has been a bit more humble in their response, “The U.S. Olympic Committee has officially narrowed the list of American cities still in the running to bid for the 2024 Summer Games– and Los Angeles has made the cut.” It could be because of the fact that this could be their 40th anniversary of hosting the 2024 Olympics and might be a bit overconfident even though San Francisco was an early favorite. 
They also shared a quote from  Scott Blackmun, “We’re extremely pleased with the level of interest U.S. cities have shown,” Scott Blackmun, the USOC’s chief executive said in a statement on Friday. “Boston, L.A., San Francisco and Washington have each given us reason to believe that they can deliver a compelling and successful bid.” This could be the result of the most recent Olympics Games which was held in Sochi, Russia, and a lot of Americans had “boycotted” the 2014 Winter Games for many political reasons.

San Francisco Bay’s newspaper, SFGate has rambled on about various aspects of the bidding and why each of the cities, Dallas and San Diego were eliminated from the Olympics bidding process at this point but also included a quote from the Mayor of San Francisco “Ultimately, we should only move forward with a bid if we believe that we can win for America, deliver spectacular Games for the world and leave a tremendous legacy for the Bay Area’s economy, transportation systems, housing and youth,” San Francisco mayor Edwin Lee said.”

The last city but not least is Washington, D.C. The Washington Post had an standardized article by the Associated Press just like the LA times. A very interesting point that was brought up in the Associated Press,”If the USOC bids, the U.S. city chosen would find itself in a competitive fight. Paris, Rome, Doha and Istanbul are among those that could enter the race. The IOC has also long stated a desire to bring the Olympics to Africa for the first time.”
Regardless of which city wins to represent Americans in the games, America will be going up against some very big competitors internationally. All people can do is sit back and watch as the bidding process unfolds for the 2024. To follow Scott Blackmun and his organization, USOC, check out the website and follow the process on your favorite city news site or on DSTidbits!