When you were little, do you remember playing with a ton of action figures in the dirt or grass with your friends imagining that you were in the war? Remember the action figures and be inspired by your memory as you read this.

Donald Levine, the co-creator of G.I. Joe has passed away in a Providence, Rhode Island hospice from cancer. He was survived by his wife, Nan. They were wed for almost 60 years. He was well-known as the “Father” of G.I. Joe, action figures. His inspiration for the action figure was from the time that he had served in United State Army during the Korean war. He was hired to work for Hasbro to design and produce a variety of ideas and turn them into toys known as action figures for children to enjoy.

As you remember those days in the dirt with your G.I. Joes, that memory will continue to pass on his legacy. Remember him any time you see the action figures. It all started with him and Hasbro. Donald Levine has touched the world forever and be remembered through his G.I Joe action figures. His name is now a legacy!
You will never be forgotten, Donald!
Rest In Peace!

Written by Jasun Hicks