Written by Mary Pat Withem

Interested in going to the Gallaudet University’s 2014 Reunion?

This year is expected to be a spectacular celebration because it is also part of a big celebration of the 150th anniversary of Gallaudet University’s establishment (125 years for Gallaudet University Alumni Association). This sesquicentennial (150th anniversary) event is taking place from July 9 through the 13th.

There are many events of the celebration going on including: “plenary sessions, workshops, Gallaudet Golf Open, receptions, tours of campus, department/major reunions, Gallaudet Club, and much more!” (Gallaudet).

Here’s a video of Keith Doane from the class of 2014. He’s on the planning committee for the “Sesquicentennial Celebration” at Gallaudet University. He emphasizes that it’s critical to register now so people can get into all of the events during the reunion. Once people register, the staff will have a badge to provide to the registrants that will be required to get in any and all events.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSWYWjlkXRM]
Available spots for registration are limited, so hurry now and register! The deadline to register is June 23.

Some notable individuals that are coming to the reunion are, Ed Waterstreet, Linda Bove, John Maucere, Manny Hernandez, Russell Harvard, Rosa Lee, and many more!

This is the last chance to get involved with the celebration of Gallaudet University’s 150 years of success!