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Jasun: Hi Raven! It’s good to see you.
Raven: Hi Jasun! How have you been doing?
Jasun: I’ve been doing fine! Thanks for asking, how about you? What have you been up to?
Raven: Good, good! I’ve been good but busy trying to establish some goals for myself.
Jasun: Good! I’m glad all is well with you, I’m wondering what made you want to work in the TV, Film, and Modeling industry?
Raven: It’s a long story but I’ll try to summarize. When i was young, my teacher wanted to film us and have us do Snow White. I was Snow White and when parents received the video, I took some time to watch it and saw myself in a completely different character. In the video I saw myself as Snow White not myself Over time I went into different plays and every time I went on stage, I was somebody different. I was getting to experience their stories, their feelings and emotions. It could’ve been based on a true story but I got to experience their experience, life, and story through acting. It’s an amazing opportunity I got and I got to be anybody I wanted to be through various characters. From that experience, I fell into acting.
Jasun: Aww, such a heart-touching story! I love your story and can’t help but wonder how long you’ve been doing this!
Raven: Well, I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember, Perhaps from the age of six or seven. My journey has been going on for a long time.
Jasun: Wow! That’s a long time, awesome! That brings us to the next question, any exciting projects you’d like to share with us? 
Raven: I have several projects coming up but a few that have to be kept secret because they’re still in the process of being worked on but there is one I can share with you.  I write stories on Watt Pad. My username is simplyobliterated and my projects are available online.
Jasun: Secrets.. Wow! I’m excited to find out what they are later. So, what makes you want to act?
Raven: I get to experience the opportunity to feel characters’ emotions and see their life experiences through my own eyes.That’s why I fell in love with acting and modeling. My love for modeling has more to do with clothing and fashion. I get to try new clothes, experience various types of clothing. I love clothes! Trying so many different types of clothes, it’s the same for acting. Different characters with different lives and experiences. Those experiences, I get to experience and that’s why I love acting.
Jasun: YES! I know exactly how that feels! So much FUN! SO lets talk about your journey in Hollywood.
Raven: My journey is still up in the air! It’s a mixture of feeling between excitement and nerves. Things have been slow but that hasn’t kept me from feeling good abut it. My journey is also unexpected and unpredictable. I don’t know how successful I will be. My finger is feeling the wind and seeing where the gust goes. Even though I’m unsure of what’s happening, I am still feeling excited about the journey I’m embarking on.
Jasun: Yes, Just so you know, I want to see more of you all over the place! Lets get this ball rolling, How do you feel like it’s going?
Raven: I feel like it’s been a slow process but it has been a good process and I’ve been trying to keep it up. There is no way I’m going to give up my dream and desire, passion to keep going on my journey.
Jasun: Good message to share with the community! You’re right, you shouln’t give up. Any exciting projects, roles, etc that you can share with us?
Raven: Not that I know of. I am typically asked to model at the last minute. Usually they let me know about a month before. Movies are different. Movies and TV, not that I know of. I haven’t scheduled or planned anything yet. Maybe sooner or later, who knows!
Jasun: You, You are awesome and I love your acting/modeling. I wonder if you feel like it’s a difficult thing for you to do or do you feel like it’s a good challenge?
Raven: *laughs* Sure! I live, I thrive for challenges! If you know my life story, you’d say that I go for challenges. I want to prove to the world that I can do it, Deaf people can do it. Our disability doesn’t stop us. So I’m thrilled, thrive and desire challenges. Bring it on! Sure!!
Jasun: I love your passion! Do you feel intimidated by the people in Hollywood, especially since it’s a hearing environment?
Raven: Sometimes yes, there are some hearing people that don’t understand how deaf people feel or think. Also how Deaf people react. Its also the lack of understanding of our culture. I would say a lot of people need more education on that. But it doesn’t make me mad, angry, want to give up. I still have that passion. I don’t mind taking it upon myself to educate others about our world and culture. Life goes on!
Jasun: Wow, Beautifully said. Educating others is a very important part of life. Acting and modeling aside, please share a bit about yourself.
Raven: Hmm.. Well, I’m just an ordinary person! I’m like anybody else. I like to write. Like I shared with you earlier, I write on watt pad stories, poetry, lyrics, and novels. That’s what I like doing, writing. I also like to draw up clothes, I like to make things out of nothing. I am full of creativity and like to read too. I also enjoy kicking back in nature. I’m trying to go back to school this fall. I think I will be going back in the fall. That’s pretty much it.

Jasun: Wow! You’ve been busy!! Thank you so much for interviewing with me!
Raven: Thank you for having me! I enjoyed chatting with you and please stay in touch! Everybody, I love you all! Love you, sending kisses your way! Bye!
Jasun: Bye! Thank you for watching this interview! I hope you enjoyed watching DSTidbits Entertainment.

Interviewed by Jasun Hicks