Written by Jasun Hicks
When you call a Deaf person “Hearing Impaired” – we will go UBER crazy on you, GUARANTEED!
We hope you aren’t into some kind of “being beat up” fetish. Good luck!
If you want to be rude to Deaf people, we have a powerful scream and you’ll be like
Be nice or you’ll regret it and wishing you never hear our scream ever again.
In our culture, we are a bunch of very blunt people. Whatever you say to us we will be like
Bring it on, bitches! Your words are nothing! *yawn*
If you want to embarrass us, be our guest. Keep in mind, we will “FU” all over you.
Humiliating you in public is what we do best! *evil laugh*
If you want to belittle us, please do, but remember in the end you will have an experience like this
“It is not possible”, you may think. We assure you – this is 100% effective, GUARANTEED!