Accommodations should be a standard practice when it comes to politics however when Casa Presdencial announces to his country that all public events will be interpreted, it becomes a big story! As somebody that had an interpreter alongside when presenting,

“Estefanía Carvajal, a Costa Rican sign language interpreter, was a common sight alongside candidate Luis Guillermo Solís during his successful presidential campaign, and Tuesday the president announced that Carvajal would join his press team at Casa Presidencial.” (Tico Times)

 Another excellent push for public announcements and not only is he having interpreters (or an interpreter) at his events but also has dedicated a YouTube channel to the community in Tico. This is a great example of somebody that knows that just because it’s a smaller minority group doesn’t mean they aren’t an important group. He also acknowledges that sign language is an important mode of communication.

It’s not clear on whether sign language in Tico, Costa Rica is a language of its own right but they sure have rights that Americans should already have. A round of Applause to a wonderful man who knows his stuff!

“This is one more expression of our commitment and our respect for the human rights of all populations in our country,” Solís said.

Don’t hold your breath for the American Government to get that Solis has hit it right on the nose! Access to politics, public events, and important situtions that impact the country are basic human rights and American individuals have been constantly denied those rights.