Cannes Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival and different major film festival usually happens every year. These are opportunities to have films become Indies films (better known as independent films). What that means is that these submissions are to show off their filmmaking skills and are given the opportunity to be featured as an independent film that has been made outside of the major film studio system. These films are still professionally produced and have the opportunity to  possibly earn a “winning spot” for different type of categories such as Drama, Horror, Actor, Actress etc. Now, this year- Irish Deaf Film Festival is coming back! The Irish Deaf Film Festival has been set to only happen once every two years!

Here’s a brief summary of the history behind IDFF. It was first established back in 2012 sponsored by Irish Deaf Society. IDS is a well known and the largest Deaf-led organization in Ireland. The purpose of IDFF is to continue to promote awareness and preserve Deaf culture through movies to pass on for many generations to come.

Shamrock Deaf Film is proudly present IDFF on October 10th – 12th 2014 this year. If anybody has a film that they’d like to submit or to attend IDFF, they are encouraged to check out IDFF on their website for more information.

Written by Jasun Hicks