Often when you use major modes of transportation such as  using a trolley, subway or train to take you to different places, you usually see advertising boards in the car or at the booth waiting to be picked up. The company Remark! has taken advantage of these types of advertisement spaces and established a campaign to raise awareness about British Sign Language aka BSL throughout the UK.

Their goal is to promote the language throughout England/UK and to have a larger number of people in the area be more aware of Deaf community. They also want to be sure people know that there are individuals that that use BSL to communicate. It is also the objective of the ads to normalize the use of BSL. The goal established is to reduce discrimination and help BSL become more mainstreamed. Using BSL, they enable the viewer to see different phrases. It is also an educational tool to help people be able to learn through Signature, the advertising app which is recognized through UK’s verison of QR Reader called BlippAR. BlippAR allows you to scan on the advertisement on the board and connects you to Signature.

It is amazing how the community can spread awareness easily through technology and using various types of apps. The campaign awareness was from May 19th-25th in UK but they hope with this campaign, it will help to break down the barriers in future through promotion of the app through many different efforts over time.

Written by Jasun Hicks