I See What You Say initial product. 07/30/2014.

ISeeWhatYouSay” is an app that is being installed on several different types of smart watches. The app has been developed and is ready for installation on the Pebble Smart Watch. As Jibril Jaha shared in his interview, his contribution has been varied from helping with the business plan writing, marketing strategies, and been there from the start.

Check out their website which highlights the desire of spreading awareness of what they are doing. As there is an original “ISeeWhatYouSay” device, an app of the same nature has been developed for smart phones and watches to allow remote voice-to-text for people that need voice to text translations. Currently the app is only available on the Android operating system, however they are working on developing the app for the iOS version.

The way this app works is when somebody has a telephone, they can connect with the Pebble Smart Watch within the range preset by the watch. When the speaker presses a button on the phone (or the select button on the watch) the message will appear on the watch and the person wearing the watch will be alerted.

The app was initially supposed to be a hand-held device with a screen that pairs with a mobile phone. It was going to be able to display subtitles for words spoken into the device or phone. Because they were unable to meet their funding target on Kickstarter; the developers, Alex Movitz, Mica Born, Jibril Jaha and Mike Boyd have found another way. They are now taking advantage of smart watches.

Jibril Jaha is one of the main driving forces behind trying to get the app out to the market. He does that by using it, and being vocal with his family, friends, and connections about his own experience. What better way to market something than to use it yourself?

Jibril on Instagram showing off his pebble app. 07/30/2014.

The app is available now on Google Play, which is paired up with Android compatible Smart Watches. To find out more about Digital Army Devices, follow them on Twitter @icwhatyousay or check out their website.

UPDATE: 4/26/2015
The website link posted above for “I see What You Say” is no longer available. Any further questions will have to be directed to the owner of the
“I see what you say” website.

Written by Mary Pat Withem
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