Written by Jasun Hicks
A government agency called FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is the authority charged with regulating communications across a broad spectrum of mediums such as mobile devices, land based telephone lines, cable companies and so on. The entire telecommunications industry falls under FCC’s purview.
They have established a new line of communication between their agency and Sign Language users in order to help facilitate direct communication with customer service, filing complaints regarding companies, etc. It’s a great step forward in open accessibility for our community. Although, there are many services that are still inaccessible elsewhere.
Greg Hlibok works for FCC and he pushed to make this technology possible as an option for someone with a videophone to advance accessibility. Let’s give him a round of applause for making such efforts! At the time of writing, he has a very small number of people working for this new customer service position within FCC. As demand grows, he will ensure that there are available people to respond to inquiries.
FCC’s Press Release:

Now, on a more serious note, FCC is finally creating new and more job opportunities at the federal level. With this new department to deal with those who utilize videophones; it adds demand on the IT (Information Technology) infrastructure, requires more people to be able to respond as demand grows in varying fields such as answering the call, addressing the issue directly, and so on.
In order to take advantage of this new opportunity, citizens have to ensure that demand is there in the first place. If any consumers would like to submit any complaints, reach customer service, or contact the agency for any reason related to FCC such as captioning not working on your favorite TV show and the broadcaster refuses to resolve the matter without legal action; then please make a call to their new video call center!
Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to increase the volume of calls which in turn will result in job demand. The caller would be empowering the community by using FCC’s new form of accessible communication method utilizing sign language without the nuisance of a relay call or relying on others to interpret online forms for you. There are those of the community who does not have strong English language and fail in communicating their needs adequately because written English is not their primary means of communication.
Higher volume calls indicates a serious problem within the telecommunication industry which is something the community does not want. However, issues are prevalent, and the community needs someone to speak out and enforce accessibility. In order to effect change, issues need to be heard by the agency, so let’s all make the calls via varying modes of communication including the new sign language call center FCC has just established to file complaints! Life just got simpler! Go!