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In the United Kingdom, there is a new service available now for young adults to help encourage independence from their parents. Independence is an important thing that many parents don’t realize is important for their children. They think that being available to interpret for them or go with them places is the best way to support them. You are empowering them but you are not helping them be self-sufficient.

As children today are babied and suffocated by their parents, they turn 30 and are still living at home because their mother will make all the phone calls for them or take care of their bills for them with their money. With this ideology being a heavy common denominator among young adults, there is a new campaign out there to push services that enable them to be more independent.

“The campaign was created by the NDCS Young People’s Advisory Board (YAB) to support deaf young people’s access to healthcare services. We have created exciting new resources to support young people, parents and professionals.”

With this resource, young adults are able to attend the doctor without their mother there to interpret for them. In this video, Dan Evans is going to the doctor and his mother is with him. As he watches another boy come in without his mother, he starts to feel embarrassed. He has a “fast foward” thought that maybe he would end up having his mother with him for the next 30 years.

The organization is called NDCS and the campaign is called, “My Life, My Health“. There are services for parents, professionals, and the youth. Having resources for parents help them let go and better understand how this service is important in allowing their child to be more independent.