America’s favorite pastime in the summer is baseball (softball). So when an organization is providing the opportunity for our children to participate in a camp targeted at their age group, they (boys especially) are usually very excited. This year, the Nashville Sounds had their players serve as instructors at a camp sponsored by the Nashville Sertoma Club.

The Nashville Sertoma Club sponsors events like this every year in April/May and is an excellent opportunity for children to meet players from sports teams that volunteer for events such as this one. During the day there were four Sounds players who led the attending children as they tried several things such as batting, running, and throwing drills.

The event took place at Greer Stadium and 60+ children attended. It is called, Fantasy Baseball camp and the host was Pat Clark. After their on-field instructions, the kids were served a picnic lunch and were also given the chance to interact with players during the picnic.

Nashville Sertoma Club isn’t the only club that hosts sports days for children, a lot of them are able to use their contacts with professional sports teams and provide experience for kids to attend camps. They are also be exposed to fun events such as attending games.

In Kansas, kids from the age of 8-14 are given the opportunity to learn more about baseball and interact with players. While in Nashville, the Fantasy Baseball Camp is only one day, in Johnson County, it is usually 3-4 days depending on the program design of that year. They are also afforded the chance to attend a baseball game. Last year, they were able to go to the T-Bones game and interact with the mascot.

If parents are interested in seeing what their local Sertoma Baseball camp offers and when it is, now is the time to find that out. Nashville’s baseball camp was early this year (May 8th) and many others might have been around that time too but that doesn’t mean questions shouldn’t be asked.