Irish Deaf Society has been around for 11 years, providing services including advocacy for people in Ireland. IDS is ceaseing due to funds being cut back by their government. That means, cutting 5,000 people in the community off from obtaining services and advocacy needs. Not only that, IDS positions are at a full loss, as well as Government roles that help lead the community through activities, building relationship with others within the community, now are at loss too.

Now, with lacking of accessibility services and advocacy they need – the government in Irish are setting the community back to the dark ages. They will be at loss with translation from English to Irish Sign Language and vice versa. English language in writing is their second language. In the Irish community, they will face more struggles and a lot of dismay with accessibility due to government no longer funding to IDS.

With this said, what does that mean in the Irish hearing community in other areas that have needs- they will just go on with their world as if they don’t have any barriers while those people in the Irish community deserve the equal rights to access the service they need in order to live life with the same level of access as those that are privileged. Having access should be equal for all within the Irish community.

There has been an outcry on Facebook asking the public for help to Save the IDS Deaforward Advocacy Service since July 2nd. Can you make a difference? Let’s make some noise for IDS and make a difference to better their situation and try to push their Government to resolve and restore their accessibility to their needs.

Written by Jasun Hicks
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