Lots of business offer hearing people a job over us even if they have less experience. This is true even when we have more experience and a college degree.
Majority of us work twice as hard as a hearing employee. You discriminate us – your loss. The lawsuit money is our gain.
Don’t make an ass out of u me (assume) thinking we would understand every lip-movement you make.
Save your mouth, write something down or use your cellphone to communicate with us.
Don’t try communicating when you only know the ABC’s. Fingerspelling is not being fluent.
Wouldn’t you love it if we spelled everything verbally using the Alphabet to you, right? Totally mind-fucked!
Do. Not. Call. Us. “Deaf & Dumb”, or “Deaf & Mute” and/or “Hearing Impaired” EVER!
Don’t tell us you weren’t warned!
Sure, wave away when you’re with your friends….
We are not your toy. Be real!
Written by Jasun Hicks
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