According to Time, the fake interpreter is wanting to be a professional actor. It has also been confirmed that the only reason the company had hired the fake interpreter to act in their video is because they wanted somebody that had messed up on television so bad that people would remember who he was and then it would give them publicity that they want for the app.

“We needed something surprising,” Livelens’ Sefi Shaked told the New York Daily News. “We wanted to choose a presenter who is the worst presenter for a live app possible; you know, the person who did the worst screw up on live TV — ever.”

In a way, this is a sham on their part because they are not only giving him more publicity but making fun of our community through mockery.

What will the world do to stand against such mockery and discourage people from hiring him again to push their products?

How will the community continue to respond and rally against the fake interpreter? Braam Jordaan has been a huge advocate for the movement behind #STOPfakeinterpreter. Even the hearing community is going to to get involved and stand up against such mockery.

Jantjie jokes about essentially turning Mandela’s funeral into a farce (“I speak sign language—not,” he signs) and got paid a lot of money to do it. Or at least enough to buy a new house for his family, Jantjie told Betabeat before clarifying that he wasn’t sorry for any of his actions at the funeral. (Time)

There’s no further proof needed that this man intended to scam the world, especially the African organization that hired him to interpret Mandela’s funeral. What better place to scam people than at a funeral for a man such as Mandela!