[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at3MBIzyiJA]

California School for the Deaf Riverside just announced the logo winner. On April 29th 2014, CSD asked the community to participant in a survey on survey monkey. This survey was to vote on which logo they like the most and why? The community participated and submitted their votes. Today, CSD has unveiled its educational logo winner. The logo was designed by Suzanne Stecker, whose mother (’61) and uncle (’67) are alumni of CSD. She feel honored that she was asked to design all four logos which lead the vote narrow down to one which is that “R” hand shape in abstract. One of her areas of specialties is in designing of logos and others. Her business can be found at Design Actually, LLC.

CSD Community Resource Specialist Erika Thomspon who is in the video explained what the whole meaning behind the logo itself. She emphasized how important this logo is and why it is an important logo, “Where Language and Learning Thrive!” She also mentioned it was necessary for the logo to represent something more than just logo itself.

Congratulation to CSD on the unveiling of their new educational and beautiful logo with multiple meanings behind it. GO CUBS!

Written by Jasun Hicks