Many of you might not familiar with the name, H.R. Giger. At the age of 74, the Alien artist has died from a fall in Zurich according to a NPR report. Giger is a world renown sketch artist, most remembered for his famous trademark in film called Alien. He created a sketch of Alien that forced some people to watch the 1979 film with their eyes half-hidden. The movie franchise loved his art and used his art in Alien’ franchisee. The production company that produced Alien hire him to to be part of production and to produce more life-like size of Alien to delivery highest quality of movie. Giger is not from America. He was born in capital city of Graubünden in Switzerland.
Giger also directed a few films long before he was involved in the Alien franchise. He had only seen fame and success in Hollywood after the Alien franchise picked up his art. His name has soared and brought attention to Hollywood film industry and brought inspiration into the next generation of game designers and artists. 
His influence did not only focus on the film industry but also other industries that utilize artists including the gaming industry and tattoo industry. The tattoo industry was influenced by bringing the concept of challenging and sophisticated tattoos. Giger’s work was also influential in many different aspects in different part of world. 
For more information on Giger, there are several official websites that are available for viewing. His official website H.R. Giger has been down today for some unknown reason. There are also two official website HR Giger Museum and HR Giger Webstore. H.R. Giger, your work will never be forgotten!

Rest In Peace, H.R. Giger!
Written by Jasun Hicks