While Silent Grapevine shared the press release over the weekend, Purple has waited until today to release it to the public. Many people wondered where to get the press release. It is now available on  Market Wire.

To obtain access to the press release, people can either go to Yahoo, Market Wire, or download it here. What The Silent Grapevine had reported is fairly different than the current press release shared by Purple, and has since updated their site to reflect the change. Here is a great come-back points by Purple about FCC fining them:

In a previous article, it was shared that FCC is fining Purple 11.9 Million dollars for fraudulent activities. This is Purple’s official response to FCC. “FCC action is Unwarranted and Unjustified.” The question now is why is FCC changing their mind and retroactively fining companies for behavior that has been required in the first place.

All the trouble that VRS/TRS providers are facing with FCC are coming to light now. They had established a guest rule and then later required full registration. In the past, FCC has done some actions retroactively, causing a great pressure on the VRS/TRS industry. With FCC’s actions over the past few years, it becomes clear that the limitations of VRS/TRS players in the industry could be because of violate behavior by FCC.

Written by Mary Pat Withem