As the world has responded in shock to the league banning Donald Sterling for life from the NBA for making a racist remark, his estranged wife applauds the decision. She had spoken to Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner and shared her support for his decision.

“We also agreed at that time that, as a next step, both the league and the team should work together to find some fresh, accomplished executive leadership for the Clippers.” (Shelly Sterling)

The next question people have is, will the other 29 ownership groups mandate a sale of the team through a vote or not?  Now that Donald has been banned from team operations, the league feels it’s best to step in  and ensure the stability of the team by installing a new CEO to oversee the organization.

Mark Cuban, owner of Dallas Mavericks, had responded to the ban in a favorable way on Twitter

With 20 thousand retweets and 14 thousand favorites, clearly many people agree with what he says. This type of behavior is not acceptable. Even when Paula Deen had made a racist remark, she was kicked out of the food network. 
It didn’t matter if these things were done during work or their personal time, people are expected to carry themselves with tact especially when they are a “big shot” in the community. This conversation that has been brought to light by V. Stiviano was a recording and was only fifteen minutes long. The point of the conversation had been that he had told her specifically not to promote her relationship with black people. 
On April 9, TMZ had posted the audio featuring the racist comments made and Silver had heeded players and sports commentators call for swift punishment. According to the female voice’s (V. Stiviano) attorney, the recording had been leaked by a friend that had been given the tape for safekeeping. 
Racism is a form of oppression and that is something that many people don’t agree with or tolerate. Is there such thing as a degree of tolerance for oppression or discrimination? That is where people have to decide, to what degree will they tolerate something and when is it over the line? Both Paula Deen and Donald Sterling had done and said these things in private or during personal time and it ended up hurting them. 

Written by Mary Pat Withem