Liz Tannebaum was invited by Jasun Hicks to talk about her journey in Hollywood. They started out by talking about her inspiration behind “No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie.” As a child, Liz wanted to be an actor, a teacher and even a racecar driver. Her biggest passion ultimately was the theater. Her father Ted Tannebaum owned Lakeshore Entertainment (“Runaway Bride”) who has since passed away, and now Liz has the executive producer bug. She is the owner of the film production company Mariposa Creativity, LLC. She was fortunate enough to be able to see and learn things through her father to help her grow. “I’ve always loved making people smile, and providing great entertainment is my thing,” Liz says through an exclusive interview with DSTidbits Entertainment reporter, Jasun Hicks. She has come to believe that her love for entertainment is what inspired her to executive produce “No Ordinary Hero.” It is no ordinary film. “No Ordinary Hero” is open captioned in English as well as audio described for the blind, giving deaf, hard of hearing, hearing and blind individuals an opportunity to experience a film together making it accessible to all. The film’s central character of SuperDeafy was created by John Maucere, who is also an executive producer. Together with Paul Maucere (executive producer), Hilari Scarl (producer), Troy Kotsur (director) and an army of very talented cast and crew this film is now available to be shown all over the world.

Liz and her father always watched movies together. As they watched, Liz would be able to look at her father for further clarification if needed. That is what made Liz want to follow in her father’s footsteps in the entertainment industryLiz’s son Morris Greco wants to be a filmmaker as well. “It is an awesome feeling that my son wants to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and become the third generation in the film industry,” Liz says. “Passion about storytelling is in our blood. We thrive on sharing stories, imagination and entertainment. We love movies. It’s part of our genes. Sharing films is my favorite thing to do.”

“We have plans for future projects including a sequel to “No Ordinary Hero” as well as a possible book. It is also my dream to set up a theater school. I’m full of ideas and possibilities. You will have to follow our newsletter to keep in touch!”

When asked about regrets, Liz talks about her philosophy, “There’s no such thing as regrets. I never give up. I always strive for our equal access for accessibility for Deaf people and children.” She also believes there are always going to be some ignorant hearing people we are going to have to deal with. “For example, I was flying first class and the flight attendant didn’t know how to communicate with me. She didn’t ask if I was Deaf. She didn’t give me a chance to say anything. Her way of solving the communication problem was to give me a menu in braille. After some clarification, she apologized and gave me a free glass of champagne. Hilarious! There’s lots of people are like that out there.” Sometimes, when people find out Liz is Deaf, they freak out. “I don’t let it bother me. It’s all about patience.” Having regrets is not her thing. It doesn’t exist for her at all. “ It’s all about living life, doing the right thing and equal access for all.

She wanted to end the interview with her philosophy, “I want people to know I’m Liz Tannebaum, full of heart and a big SMILE. I’m also Marlee Matlin’s BFF! I live life to the fullest. That’s who I am!” If you are interested in getting more information about the “No Ordinary Hero” movie, please visit

Interviewed by Jasun Hicks
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