Barack Obama had declared the month of June, LGBT Pride Awareness month. It is now the end of June and there have been a lot of events that happened during the month. All good things have to come to an end, but does that mean Pride Awareness is over until next year? No, definitely not. Americans still have a long way to go before the fight is over.

Many states banned sex-marriage but as time goes, many states have been declaring the ban unconstitutional. State after state, rapidly like crazy with rainbow glitter all over, same-sex marriage bans are being lifted. The wait for the LGBT American dream is almost over. They are almost there. Pride month is a celebration of the culture, pride and right to be an individual. It has also been established to promote awareness and education about the LGBT community to neighbors, people that love, and people that hate the LGBT community. They will become tolerant and merge into one culture where everybody can come together and be united. Sounds dreamy, right? Pride awareness is also a month of various pride parades. Locations can be anywhere from New York to San Francisco to Toronto in Canada, LGBT parades won’t be ending anytime soon. The very last parade of the year which occurs on November is at the most popular tourist attraction, Palm Springs in California.

HRC and America Marriage for Equality have partnered up to bring you the latest news on marriage equality all over the United States of America.

After seeing this map, it is evident that  there have been a lot of battles won, and many more to come. It has only been six years since Prop 8 had been proposed. The Proposition 8 (also known as prop hate) was proposed to ban same-sex marriage back in 2008. Six years later, there are already 19 states that support same-sex marriage. There are a total of thirty-two more states to go before the United States of America can be considered united behind the idea of full equality for all.

As of a few hours ago, President Obama made an announcement which was transcribed by White House as he was giving a presentation about protecting brand new gender identity executive order:

“We’ve still got a little more work to do. I’ve repeatedly called on Congress to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Right now, there are more states that let same-sex couples get married than there are states who prohibit discrimination against their LGBT workers. We have laws that say Americans can’t be fired on the basis of the color of their skin or their religion, or because they have a disability. But every day, millions of Americans go to work worried that they could lose their job -– not because of anything they’ve done — (baby cries) — I know, it’s terrible — (laughter) — but because of who they are. It’s upsetting. It is wrong.
“The majority of Fortune 500 companies already have nondiscrimination policies to protect their employees because it’s the right thing to do and because many say it helps to retain and attract the best talent. And I agree. So if Congress won’t act, I will. I have directed my staff to prepare an executive order for my signature that prohibits discrimination by federal contractors on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. (Applause.)
“And I’ve asked my staff to prepare a second executive order so that federal employees –- who are already protected on the basis of sexual orientation –- will now formally be protected from discrimination based on gender identity as well. (Applause.)

“So we’ve got a lot to be proud of, but obviously we can’t grow complacent. We’ve got to defend the progress that we’ve made. We’ve got to keep on reaching out to LGBT Americans who are vulnerable and alone, and need our support –- whether it’s teenagers in rough situations to seniors who are struggling to find housing and care. (Baby cries.) I know, it’s tough. (Laughter.)”
(Obama at the annual Pride reception at the White House)

Without the American people, this won’t happen. Before this month go end, DSTidbits would like to wish everybody a very happy, pride and rainbow colored celebration all year long and Happy Pride Month!

Written by Jasun Hicks
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