Transcript and captioning provided by Tomeka King – Deaf Vee’s Video Quality Assurance Analyst.

Mary Pat (MP): Hello everybody thank you for being here today with Deaf Vee! We want to go ahead and start with introductions. Please share your names, and your role with this project. You guys can pick the order.

Martha: go ahead.

I’d like to recommend that the oldest starts, June?

June: Smiles Hi! my name is June Alsobrook

I started working on this project before they asked me. I had decided to

start a project because people started dying.

So I was excited to join this project. Martha: Go ahead.

I am Kristi Merriweather- “spell” KM (on right cheek). I am a teacher of Deaf at mainstreamed school Clarkston High School. That school is across from Atlanta Area School for the Deaf. I will explain more about the project later.

Hello I am DeAnna Swope. I work for DV program but as for right now I represent myself as producer of this documentary.

Martha: Hello! I am (M on chest+ sign for “anger”) Martha Anger. I work as sign language interpreter, editor, MJ for SignNews plus movie maker and actor for NBC Universal plus this project as Director of Photography. I sort of do all “crew” work for that project to make this happen.

MP: Very cool.

Kristi: I want to add my role to that. I am one of three co-producers.

MP: Fantastic. Thank you everyone. I want to start with first question. What is this “project”?

Kristi: To make this short, this project was inspired by really, two things…What happened was the parellel, like June recently mentioned, she was doing Black topic research on her experience, her peers and older generations. Black Deaf alumni of GSD and at same time it was based on a book called “The Segregated Georgia School of the Deaf: 1882-1975” We, when I say “we”, it started with June, DeAnna and myself. We were asked by a think tank group to do presentation something related with Black Deaf history for February. We were in agreement and I told them that I already read the book. We decided to do presentation based on the book and tag Black Deaf alumni. June was asked along with two other Black Deaf alumni to join. There was a presentation on the book.

Then we shifted to ask panel of Black Deaf alumni questions then we were shocked. That was three years ago, over the time…something was bothering me. I had a feeling that what we learned on that day in that “closed” room that more people out there needed to know about this. So really the original plan was…I am talking about me on that day, June had different plan about writing a book.

“Why not…we give presentation at Deaf local conference?” It did not work out. Fine let’s go with plan B. We will do panel again but this time on video with same three panelists. That’s all. But June said “I can get more than just three…what about twenty-five?” I was eyes pop out and mouth open “You can?” Wow… We can make a documentary out of this nodding in yes motion with amazement so we asked Martha Anger “Do you want to do this and this…?” nod strongly in agreement Contacted June and she was amazed because she was doing the same thing! Perfect! So that’s how it happened. smiles

MP: Cool.

Martha: Domino effect, worked out well. Champ.

MP: June…yourself graduated from Georgia School for the Deaf?

June: I did not graduate, I left but I did enroll in 1964 until 1975. Then started to think, have been thinking about this long time. I kept postponing. Until finally before pointing to group asked me, I was planning but something stopped me, more people started to die then I felt it’s enough. It’s time. So I got started then two weeks later, two of them called me. I was already working on it and I felt it was the right time.

Kristi: smiles

DeAnna: Yes. I felt that right now is the right time to shift attention. Why? Obviously, BLM. It is ongoing debate. People have no choice but to listen because it is our Black and Brown people’s time. Force them to listen and see what harm they have caused to us in the past that continues to impact us today. People say it is old news wanting to let it go and say it is irrelevant for today. But it is. So I felt that KM (on right cheek) has vision that is simple and small

Fine and we proceed forward. Then June wants bigger so we thought… “Know what? Why should we keep it a secret? No, burst it open. We have to own the truth by displaying even though it is ugly but we have to be comfortable with the uncomfortable so we went ahead. Martha raises hand

Martha: I want to add to DeAnna’s comment. Since I got excited about this documentary. Since KM on right cheek read the book, she realized some details…sometimes some books “white wash” or that kind of people leave out details as in “painting a pretty picture” but really behind the picture there’s more to it. This documentary helps “expose” through their s hand shaped in circular side motion on right side, share their stories that is not in the book.

Martha: That’s why I…yes interference

MP: Can you spell out s shaped sign

Martha: Oh, E-L-D-E-R-S

MP: smiles Some people might not know what that sign is.

Martha: smiles Thank you. holds up right hand E-L-D-E-R-S signs S shaped in side circular motion signs age+older Either one.

June raises hand June: And also, two things, I agree with about BLM. I feel that back then, my signs were very old until we merged with white school, we were forced to use their signs But when I interact with Blacks, I still use those signs And also, second, more old people…we still have people who entered in 1940’s…around five. Thought it was time to grab the opportunity, those in 80’s and 90’s- how old. That’s why I think it’s time.

DeAnna: And add…

Kristi: Speaking of the book…

DeAnna: Go ahead.

Kristi: Speaking of the book, understand that both authors…one is White hearing man and other is hearing Black woman. Both worked at Mercer University under Department of Education. Now, the book really more about showing what they found in the records.

MP: Oh… They didn’t talk with people?

DeAnna: Right.

Kristi: Both sign? No. Both are not pauses I want to add something about this woman. The man have no connection with Deaf community.

Kristi: The woman have pauses have shakes head because of family not her, herself. What the connection? You will find out in the documentary. It is a little personal for her. She wanted to do the book because of what she heard from the community. Understand this…information from the community seemed different than what is proven. What was the con…missing from the book was that there was no narrative. from Black Deaf students themselves. That was obvious…I looked through the pages…shakes head I knew shakes head have to add that missing part to show complete story nods

MP: Yes. gestures to DeAnna to go ahead

DeAnna: Yes, that’s where we give them power back by allowing them to shift around the narrative.

group nods in agreement

DeAnna: Because if it was not for us, their story will continue to be untold. Left behind and the history will disappear. It won’t allow us, young generation to appreciate their sacrifice. Whoo…I have been listening to their stories. I thought to myself “Wow. How blessed I was and how I became more appreciative from the educational experience.” Wow, imagine me in that era and how it impact me today…wow. So we give power back because their power was robbed. “No one cared enough to come to me to ask for my story.”

Their stories were viewed insignificant but the stories really incredible and important to be documented. We have the power to be part of history making process by getting the information documented.That document to remain forever on records than to be controlled by others who might not have authentic motives. So we really have a honest motive because we want to respect our heritage. We need to start with ourselves first than to wait for someone else to do something about it. We step up to the plate and roll up our sleeves then roll with it.

MP: Yes. Like you mentioned “white washing” can really hurt authenticity behind stories and what the person is trying to share. There was a mention of two: one White man and I am sure he had a huge influence on how the book was written. And not only that but if he use documentaries then those definitely are white washed regardless. So…

Kristi: I want to add that all four of us have passion for history. Why? We all experienced the power of knowing our history does to…how we approach with challenges in life. We use our knowledge of history to go through…I remember the first time I learned about real serious real Black history books. Autobiography of Malcolm X- I was astonished. That motivated me to tell my high school to set up Black pauses, thinks to self Black History class. They nodded. I reached out to them again and again. They finally set it up, I was a senior that time. Whew. It gave me confidence to see that so we, the people, two hands up, palms out similar to sign “push” can make things happen. Same thing we later came up at Gallaudet, that time in ’94, we had Deaf studies but no Black Deaf studies. One time I entered Black Deaf Student Union meeting, “Why not we tell Gallaudet to set up Black Deaf studies or class?” eyes pop out with mouth open strong nod in agreement Fine. Me and other person, not sure…don’t remember who but I remember someone was with me. We spoke with Dean of Deaf Studies, I think that time Yekter Andr (not sure how name is spelled out). We stated that we as Black Deaf students want Black Deaf Studies or class. We were told to get petition then hand over to Student of Life to show that there is a strong interest.

And that subject… eyes pop and mouth open Fine…for a week at Ely center, easily got the signatures…very strong interest in that subject. A week finished, petition was handed in and next semester it was set up then remained that way ever since. Last year, Black Deaf center was founded…perfect so that is an example of our perspective related to this documentary. We hope that this documentary will wake people up.

gesture: come to realization

Be impactful enough to get reaction of “We need to pauses…”

Martha: Unpack

Kristi: …think about nods how to be careful with reading history books related to Deaf people, Deaf culture and so forth…without knowing the stories from the people themselves in that situation. Especially if the author themselves are not from that community. nods

MP: I have seen people talk about how the oppressors control the narrative. That really damage the actual facts behind the history and how really need to be framed. So now I have one question for any of you, this documentary will be end of it? Or you plan on observing more institutes through the country that is similar to Georgia?

Kristi: shakes no Focus on GSD, that’s it. Focus on GSD, that’s it.

DeAnna raises hand Like KM on right cheek said, we focus on GSD…why? Because we are from Georgia but again…me, Kristi and Martha are not GSD alumni but we bring GSD alumni June. That will allow us to become more authentic because we allow June to know those people to trust and follow her lead than to egoistically reach out to people. Where is the trust? None.

Martha raises hand

DeAnna: shakes head Better to bring in June and proceed. That where we control the narrative. Let people talk…control the narrative.

Martha: I add to DeAnna…since…know GSD alumni…remember they came from segregated time, right? They are used to being in close knit group where they sign to one other. Now three of us are young, we approach that group and they feel uneasy. They won’t feel comfortable because they don’t know who we are so we got June. June is an important elder and they know who she is so they will feel comfortable. They will feel at ease associating June with us then allow us to interview them. Sometimes their signs are in BASL not in ASL so June help by being a “DI”. Interpreting back and forth.

Kristi raises hand Martha points (go ahead)

Kristi: Reason why we focus on only GSD because each Black Deaf school from the past are different. Some Black Deaf schools fare better than others. Reason why- already have Black Deaf teachers, Black Deaf principal and so forth. Some other Black Deaf schools are different so it’s better… What we found at GSD is not the same at other schools and that’s why it is important that each state do their own research related to their Black Deaf schools from the past.

MP: Yeah, that leads me to my next question. Since you are not interested…no not the word “interested”. Not going to travel different schools, how can other team learn from your experience and establish their own pauses collection of documentaries on their institutes. I want to make sure to share that information because you know, often people don’t know where to start.

Kristi: nods in agreement It starts with people who already graduated from that school. I posted updates on gofundme so people would get idea of who to ask.

Kristi shrugs with raised arms with open palm in deep thought… Martha raises hand Kristi points go ahead

Martha: I wanted to help KM on right cheek…hmm hand with palms up Really…it depends. It comes from where points to heart Passion. Kristi points and nods in agreement. How they invest their time to want expose truth. The desire to expose truth come from passion and determination. The stubbornness to find as much as possible. That is other reason why I was thrilled to be involved by saying YES. Why? Remember few years ago, I don’t know who but that person made a documentary related to Deaf Jewish survivors who survived through the Holocaust. That person didn’t spread search for names or use streaming videos. But small amount of word spread, that person went ahead to ask the community. A lot of Deaf Jewish people died and only five were left. Maybe four. That person asked questions then news spread then finally their stories got out because theirs were different from what was learned in school regarding Nazis. How they got rid of “hearing” Jewish people but they don’t know what Deaf Jewish people went through. Same, parallel with Black Deaf experience different from an ordinary Black people. That’s why when they asked me, I said “YES!” It is important because of elders …you know…knocks on wood Time, we don’t know…so we grab the opportunity to get it documented before…This inspired me. points to screen wants to do this project. And how it started raised hands with palms up passion raised hands with palms up and pauses we love history. Easy for us to start something because we love history. It depends on individual. motions to someone to go ahead

June: Yes.

DeAnna: Add…go ahead.

June: I think maybe when they see the documentary they will start or ask us how to start moving forward. shrugs with hands raised with palms face up I guess, maybe they will… group nods in agreement

DeAnna raises index finger

DeAnna: Really…it starts with team…

Identify special individual skills, don’t want to overlap tasks and our personalities raises eyebrow, waves right hand Okay…but luckily we work well like a well oiled machine. raises hands up on side with palms facing her Identify your skills like Martha Anger is skilled with camera and so forth…technology stuff- great. I produce and KM create amazing interview questions. Different skills works out well.

DeAnna: June knows people… Martha: People… smiles and nods in agreement and then she brings that aura with her.

DeAnna: hands in circular motion with palms facing down identifying and respect each other’s skills and respect each other’s work ethics… Kristi: Perfect…

DeAnna: Really starts with team first because no one can go ahead without checking in with your own team dynamics. Because if there’s confusion then people can see it expresses facial expression of concern “I can’t trust y’all…how can I trust you with my story?”

group nods in agreement

DeAnna: You have to really have strong foundation first. Let them know the commitment, time because it can become overwhelming. And plus you have to be willing even though might not get paid. Knowing myself won’t get paid (Kristi signs “nothing” and nods in agreement) But you have to “Hey…I am doing this for the good reason out of heart.”

(Martha smiles places claw shaped hand on chest and signs “heart pour out”)

DeAnna: “I am doing this for the money” facial expression with disappointment, hands raised in air on side with palms facing her

Kristi: Right, right.

June: strong Yes.

Kristi: I am not here to get paid.

nodding in agreement

DeAnna: I am not here for the money. So have to make sure people are able to pay to make sure everything gets involved because it is not cheap. So think…”Ok…how much time…” Sometimes we three don’t get together. Me and KM would interview then me and June or me alone or others alone.

Kristi: Right because of scheduling differences.

group nods in agreement

DeAnna: Really, point is that we get it done. hands raised with palms facing the screen We three can’t succeed no sign similar to “don’t” no…because we don’t want to wait any longer.

Kristi: Yes..

DeAnna: Really point…it starts with team plus KM, Martha Anger, June… If have any questions, feel free to contact us. If you know how to find us. smiles

Martha: laughs

June: smiles

Kristi: You might notice in the documentary that some of the interviews, you don’t see those two. Only reason I am in most of them because I am a teacher. I am off in summer. DeAnna and June have day jobs to go to. Sometimes elders have strict particular schedule.

group nods in agreement

Kristi: So we will be stuck then fine, one or two of us will grab the opportunity. (Martha raises hand)

Martha: And we are willing to drive out of town…may be 2 hours or one hour (June smiles and says “yes” as Kristi’s eyes pop out and nods in agreement) to elders’ home to get their stories. Martha signs “finish”

Kristi: WORTH it.

Martha: We don’t care hands waving with palms facing screen…we accommodate to them–for the elders.

Kristi: Worth it.

DeAnna: Because we want to respect their time. We can’t tell them “On our time!” No no…really their time.

group nods in agreement

DeAnna: Because it will take…hands raised mid-air with palms facing screen pauses Sharing experience is expensive.

(Martha points to screen gesturing “bingo”)

group nods in agreement

DeAnna: It is not something to take lightly. You think it is easy to reveal all those stories? No.

It takes them to feel comfortable with right people. “Can I trust you with what I am sharing? What are you going to do with it? Exploit?” Martha: nods signs Take advantage/exploit.

June: Yes.

DeAnna: I don’t want that for them. That’s why June was brought in. They will feel comfortable knowing that June knows who she is working with. Nice and simple. June raises hand

Kristi: Yes. Need to include patience. Patience.

June: Yes.

Group laughs in agreement

DeAnna: Amen.

Kristi: Older people raises eyebrow ooo…they tell stories then I say “hold for filming” then they go “wait I want to add something…” (Kristi holds up index finger gesturing “wait…”) Wait…

(Martha and Kristi laughs. MP smiles. DeAnna nods strongly in agreement. June smiles and nods.)

June: Yeah…I tell…

Martha: It was fun. hand on chest gesturing “touched”

June: if I call the elders to discuss then they will start talking and I become flabbergasted… (DeAnna & Kristi laughs. Martha smiles and nods…MP smiles)

June: It might will go on for a hour then I try to tell them to save it. Kristi: Sweet.

June: I would tell them we need it for the filming then they start talking “Oh! I have pictures I want to show you!” I would say okay… The elders like to take forever and talk to other people even if I explain to them then they sometimes resist. (Martha raises hand) I try to convince them then sometimes they are willing to go for the filming.

Martha: And (overlap)

June: It is a lot of work.

Martha: (continues) speaking of my pauses Speaking of my experience in filming, since I told KM that I am very proud of all of us. KM was shocked to find that we broke a lot of rules in filmmaking world.

Kristi laughs.

Martha: KM was like “What do you mean?” I explained that we impulsively without a script. And we somehow aligned with the universe and threw everything then it blended well together.

MP: fingers crossed with a smile Kristi nods in agreement

Martha: And pauses I told them that often in filming world, it is about timing and money. Right?

Martha: gestures a sign similar to “don’t” limitations, timing and so forth. But for the elders, hands raised mid-air with palms to screen I had to think about how elders held in a lot over the years.

Kristi strongly nods in agreement

Martha: Then they are like “You want to hear my story?” then start to pour everything out even though it take forever. Some are not relevant to the questions but we allow them to talk. We were willing to sit and listen. Because they have a lot to say. So they can feel at ease. “I finally told my story.” So they can move forward with their lives. Knowing that their story will spread throughout the community. That’s why I said I am proud and we all are women. Because filming industry world, high percentage are males. We women represent… group nods in agreement and June says “yes”…BIPOC and Black communities to inspire more. That’s why we were excited that we broke a lot of rules on this documentary because we don’t have team for crew, none.I had to wear many different hats- set up lights, camera, screening, editing…doing so many roles. And this was fun, new experience for me because I have to go ahead without the “rules”… I was so used to what I was taught and trained with the rules but this…was fun experience and I was shocked at how fast we progressed. I am proud of that.

Kristi: Yes…absolutely. June & DeAnna: Yes.

June raises hand

DeAnna: I…

Kristi: Other thing…

DeAnna: June.

June: I went ahead and started writing a book but I am glad you asked me because every time I went to an interview during filming, I would think of ideas and write down notes that would help me with my book. You know, if it was not for that while I write, I might miss a lot of information that should be included in this book. But important their talks would remind me “Yes…that’s right…” then jot down notes.

Kristi: Good, good.

June: Worth it.

Martha: Fun.

DeAnna: Yes.

Kristi: Other thing that also have some kind of influence on other people who participated in this documentary. For example, one person mentioned about writing a memoir while back and I encouraged to have it published. That person agreed because we need more Black Deaf stories out there so our presence inspires people. When, for me personally, being involved in this pauses helped me develop personal relationships with other participants. Some live close so I know after this is done. I will visit and make sure things are okay. Take them to places or whatever. So it is not “Oh thank you and bye”. group nods in agreement

June: Right… No…They are part of our community and we make sure they are in good place.

DeAnna: Yes also we “adopt” some of those people. I have been…when I call to see if they are interested in an interview they would be “yeah…” then started to talk. I look at my clock and ask them to save for the camera.

June nods in agreement, says “yes”

DeAnna: They would want to express more because they developed trust and feel comfortable with me. Fine, no problem- I listen. I would converse with them for 3 hours…really my time was different time from theirs…oh but it’s fine. But I do ask them if we could keep in touch because I would find couple of things in common and we know what it is like to fight for our community.

group nods in agreement

DeAnna: And really for myself…

Martha: Still today.

DeAnna: but if I fight for myself then I hope that community sees and fight for themselves. But they end up doing almost everything anyway. I look at them thinking “wow…” I asked to keep in touch and they said yes sure. Because I realized as I look back, I did not listen to Black elders. I thought “Oh…I better grab now…” And plus that is my way of giving back to them to leave something for the next generation as I want to leave for next generation through producing this film. “I wish, I should” No no… If I see an opportunity, I am going to run with it because growing up I had to face challenges all the thanks to my mom who doesn’t sign but mom don’t let me have “can’t” in my vocabulary. People think you can’t, let yourself prove them wrong. I became comfortable facing a lot of things. KM asked me something felt missing, I took the opportunity because I am a team player. If I see you want to make something happen, I will…what is it called…construction crew. I was like, “Ok I will help you to be part of your vision…” But sometimes I have to sit back and wait to make sure vision is clear. If not, I will give tips if needed. But not to the point where I pollute or throw stuff on it where it no longer becomes their vision.

MP: Yes, right.

DeAnna: Tell me what you need and I will help you.

MP: Lose their authenticity.

Kristi: Important, it is very important for Black Deaf children and adults too. Because knowing history is like immunization against what racism and autism are trying to do to us. Trying to oppress us and make us think we can’t but knowing history, we become impregnable. Still continues today, we see a lot of things out there…

June: When I went with Deaf group to Chicago, the older people joined with me on a long 12 hours drive from Atlanta to Chicago. What happened was that old lady was talking, that moment I couldn’t forget and I was shocked. I think it was four years ago but it still stuck in my head. And when they decided to unsure sign I contacted them to set up time and work out schedule for filming. That person said “ok”. Fine we worked out time and schedule. Then that person called and was worried “What time?” I called to explain but the elders cherish their time. Like 11 o’clock…if it is 11:05, they will call me “You said 11 o’clock” then I say “Yes” They will ask me to reach out when they are being picked up. Elders tend to be time focused. Let you know that elders tend to be sensitive about time. If you say 11 o’clock then it must be 11 o’clock. Not 11:05… I would have to say “Ok ok, I will call them now…”

group laughing

June: After I already reached out, ten minutes later, they would call me again asking “But they told me 11…” I would check in with team then let that person know the ride is on way. That person would be like “Really? Where?” I would have to explain to them in details and maintain contact with everyone. Time was a sensitive topic with the elders. Young people…they can wait but not the elders when it comes to time.

MP: Time is precious. That’s why. group nods in agreement

DeAnna: That’s why we go early, we are on their time, not ours.

June: smiles Right!

DeAnna: Try to honor that.

MP: Yes. It is hard to break habit sometimes but have to especially when we want them to feel respected. Its emphasis with mouth “o” important. What is important to us might be different from what is important to them but respecting and honoring them is important.

Do you have any final comments? Kristi: That took me some time to…

Kristi: It took me some time to get used to the fast tempo

Martha: chuckles same…have to think fast

Kristi: laughs Did I miss your question?

MP: Yes. Do you have any final comments? Important things you feel people need to know about this documentary? Maybe when it will be released. Or…anything?

Kristi: Right now we are still filming so we have finished so far around 26 people. We have about 8 or 9 more people left. I am hoping to finish interviewing at end of next week. Some people are out on vacation until certain time so that is one of the reasons why. When the filming is finished, Martha Anger will leave to focus on her NBC pilot acting. Yay…

Martha: *small “cabbage” dance

Kristi: We will work on editing the script of what was said during the film. Martha raises hand.

Martha: I want to add. Kristi: Ok, gestures “editing” and “observations” of the film add music, want original music with lyrics.

Kristi: One of ours will gather family member who is talented with music and once all worked out…

Martha Anger will work on the filming once she returns to help with editing. How long the editing will take, I don’t know. Because at first I thought it will be short documentary but we added people and I feel it will be a full documentary…

Martha: Long. Long nods in agreement

Kristi: So that…how long? We don’t know how long it will be until it looks good. Then finish…

Martha raises hand

Martha: Sorry, right now we are in production.
So that, right now we are in production meaning editing happens after. Yes, that’s it then we will get it done.

Kristi: Right, right. So we will look at it to make a decision on what to do with it such as send to a film festival or… send to a platform

Martha: Platform.

Kristi: …like ??, Netflix, whatever or better to focus on giving speeches across the nation. That.

Kristi: Anyone want to add?

DeAnna: We don’t want to rush perfection. We want to make sure we cover… Martha raises hand and for everything to flow. Because if we rush to honor the public’s wishes then it will not do their story justice. We want to make sure we do this documentary justice especially when it is our first time and we don’t want to make rookie mistakes Maybe it will happen. But we want to avoid that, documentary 101…DeAnna smiling with hands raised mid-air on side with palms facing outwards and moving neck in snake-like motion

Martha: And I add to that process, remember when I commented earlier that we broke a lot of rules. We went ahead and shoot the documentary without script. So right now we collect all the film we have done. The completion of collecting all the film should be by next week then three of them will sit and watch all different recordings then write notes then present to me so I can start editing so might will be delayed because we broke a lot of rules. But I believe we will complete the tasks effortlessly. Maybe it’s how I operate because I am a fast worker. Experience helps. But with this documentary, hands up mid-air with palms facing the screen…I will take my sweet time…

Kristi: Right, right.

Martha: Whoo…I don’t want this documentary to miss important information. That’s why they need to observe closely with accuracy. Then I can proceed with editing, if I sense something is missing…I always can look back and rearrange. Once we all decide that it is a lock…I did suggest to add music…it doesn’t matter if the audience is Deaf, I want it to be inclusive for both worlds. Music that fits the theme of this documentary and I am really excited that I want to tell you more but I can’t because there are unrevealed secrets. June raises hand

June: I watch my team during the interview and there will be laughter. It will be funny, shocking and many different things. It will be entertaining to watch. For me, I know. Some things I have experienced and some things I have learned but some things really struck a chord. It means that this documentary will be a success.

MP: Yes. Can you share how people can find your gofundme or how they can give you their support? Financial, donations (Kristi: Yes, yes) or whatever else people can support you?

Kristi: We only have one (gofundme)…well, some people do and can pay through PayPal, cash app if they contact me, June or DeAnna through FaceBook.

Kristi: Some people would say they don’t trust gofundme because of the fees, we can arrange for other ways for people to pay. PayPal, Cash app, Zelle…just contact through FaceBook inbox.

MP: Thumbs up. DeAnna: We will need to send link so people can click on it then go from there. Martha: Yes for gofundme.

MP: Ok great. I really want to again… I really privileged for you to allow for me to be here with you.

Kristi: It is like you said, there are a lot of work being done and more to do moving forward. We are looking forward to see your documentary regardless how it comes out. We will definitely want to follow up to see what the final decision that has been made. Such as a submission to a film festival or etc and how we continue to support your work. This is important story. Thank you again.

DeAnna, Martha: Thank you.

June: Thank you for having us.

Kristi: Regarding to that, we will set up a website because gofundme is not our permanent place for future endeavors. When we are finished with the filming, we will set up our own website. I will let you know and announce through our gofundme and Facebook pages.

MP: Fantastic, thank you and (Martha does small cabbage dance) let me know.

DeAnna: Thank you. Everyone waves goodbye.

Martha: Thank you MP. It’s good to see you. Love y’all