The American government has officially decided that they will not send any troops to Iraq even though there are militants massacring people to “avenge the killing of an ISIL commander, Abdul-Rahman al-Beilawy, whose death was reported by both the government and ISIL shortly before the al-Qaida splinter group’s lightening offensive, which has plunged iraq into its bloodiest crisis since the withdrawal of U.S. troops in 2011.” (Times)

The White House claims that they want to see some real democratic process within the Iraqi government before committing any troops to help with hostage situations done by ISIL. However, they are deliberating the use of support artillery from available ships in the region, and Obama has tasked his military commanders to provide options in engaging the ISIL.

To spread awareness of the massacre, there are photos being posted online showing before and after pictures of people being shot to death. The after photos show people soaked in blood. People being executed are Sunni clerics. They are being massacred in the Iraqi city of Mosul. They had been killed because they didn’t agree to take an oath of allegiance to the ISIL (al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ). This example is not the only situation that has happened recently. (To see video, click on photo to the right.)

A more recent situation that has gotten people upset is where ISIL has stormed Turkey’s Mosul Consulate and kidnapped their staff. According to Press TV, there are a total of 48 Turkish diplomats that have been kidnapped by the ISIL. A day earlier, there had been a total of thirty truck drivers from Turkey that had been kidnapped and even today, those individuals are in an unknown location. it is also unsure if those people are dead or alive.

To date, displaced Iraqis has reached nearly a million, coupled with the fact they are dealing with refugees from Syria as well, according to UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees). The current Iraq crises is at risk of turning into a sectarian conflict, similar to that of Syria, that has serious consequences if left unabated.

Current countries in region with displacement per IDMC

With Obama declaring that the US will not be sending troops to help with the situation at this time, the American people are upset with the idea. America has long been looked at as a country that goes to help with unjust circumstances but with Obama in office, the U.S. Military presence has been shifted elsewhere. Leaving the Middle East region at its own mercy of insurgents and dictators such as Bashar al-Assad of Syria which is currently undergoing a bloody civil war that has effectively spilled into other neighboring countries.

Even though Obama has acknowledged that the ISIL is a vicious organization, he has still declared that we are not sending troops into Iraq at this time. What message is that sending the Arabic nations that support terrorist activities? According to Huffington Post, “The U.S. will do our part. But understand that ultimately it’s up to the Iraqis, as a sovereign nation, to solve their problems,” Obama said. The White House is keen on how they respond, they are trying to avoid repeating the same mistakes former President Bush did in 2003. They are responding with thoughts of possible consequences of their actions. Some think this is a hindsight on the White House’s part to save itself from embarrassment.

At this time, as American citizens, we can provide indirect support by donating to aid organizations such as Red Cross, UNICEF, and U.N.’s World Food Programme. It is not ideal to go overseas and fight the war for them. It is an internal regional struggle, however, and many of those who are fighting for whichever causes are using illicit resources that generally violates the Geneva conventions that bring in worldwide attention to the Middle East region.

Written By Mary Pat Withem