Written By: Skye Athenae Withem

My father pets me everyday. 
He lets me sit on his lap and snuggle with him. 
In the mornings I lay on him and snuggle with him as he sleeps. 
He also snuggles with my brother too!
He gives me treats and lets me lick his feet.
He glares at me when I try to get something to eat off the floor. He’s not going to eat it anyways! 
How can I feed myself when he expects me to share my food with a pig! 
My brother sits by me but I will bite him if my father pets him

There is no way I am going to let my father walk out that door without me howling!
Now this man sitting next to me, petting me and thinking I am going to let him be after he stops is dense! 
My father may do everything for me but I know there’s one thing he does best. 
He loves me!

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!