There have been several posts about “ISeeWhatYouSay”- an android app that is used to communicate with hearing individuals. The hearing person can speak and the speech recognition program appears on the wearer’s watch (available on Pebble and any android wear watch (includes Samsung Gear, Moto 360, and the LG G Watch).

It’s a hard concept to grasp especially when technology keeps evolving and people wonder how exactly that works. This is a tool for those that are able to verbally respond back to the hearing person. With this latest video from Jibril (one of the people behind “ISeeWhatYouSay”) he shows off how it works with hearing individuals. In this video, there is an interesting twist. As most people don’t allow strangers in their car, Jibril does in this case because when you work for Lyft, you are picking up strangers and driving them to a destination.

In the video, you can see the hearing individual entering his car (Jibril is a Lyft driver). Jibril goes ahead and introduces himself, explaining who he is.

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What is “I See What You Say”? As mentioned in a past article, “I see What You Say – Updated” ISeeWhatYouSay” is an app that is being installed on several different types of smart watches. The app has been developed and is ready for installation on the Pebble Smart Watch. As Jibril Jaha shared in his interview, his contribution has been varied from helping with the business plan writing, marketing strategies, and been there from the start.

For further information, check out The app available now on Google Play, which is paired up with Android compatible Smart Watches. To find out more about Digital Army Devices, follow them on Twitter @icwhatyousay or check out their website

Lyft ridesharing. 08/11/2014.

Lyft ridesharing. 08/11/2014.

Written by Mary Pat Withem
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