Source: Instinct Magazine

The clothing company, Levi’s is to release a rainbow-themed clothing line to show support for the first LGBT Pride month celebration. The year 1853 is when Levi’s was first founded. The clothing company has been very successful ever since it launched. Now, the brand is seeking to be more LGBT friendly, especially because they are going to have a rainbow-themed clothing lines.

According to Instinct Magazine, “Equality is not something we just wear; it’s woven into the fabrics of our principles,” Levi’s officials said in an email press release. Not only that, it also shows Levi’s effort in allying with the LGBT communities for a greater good by using the profits from sales of the rainbow-themed clothing lines for donations toward advocacy LGBT organizations in need.

Source: Instinct Magazine

Did that make it feel like our world just got more friendly and open to overcoming obstacle, discrimination, and increasing tolerance and acceptance toward LGBT more awareness and all about the acceptance and tolerance, by respect other cultures through understanding and love.

DSTidbits would like to thank you, LEVI’s for your support towards the LGBT community who is in need of more business allies like yours!

Written by Jasun Hicks
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