Starbucks is starting to offer to pay workers for their online college tuition. Sound good to you, right? Wait, there are a few gimmicks you might have missed. For years, Starbucks has been fighting against unionize the company by offering health insurance and freebies to full-time and part-time employees. Now, they are coming up with other good opportunity to you to keep unions out of company by offering tuition for worker’s online college tuition. How does this work?

Workers have options to either accept or decline the offer  by going to college and still working for Starbucks. If employees decides to take up the offer, they would have to pay upfront for school first, after completing the online college degree for whatever degree they complete, Starbucks will pay FULL for it. You might think it’s a win-win, while others don’t think it’s a win-win situation. If a workers fom Starbucks decides to drop out of some courses due to unprecedented situations such as family death, financial issues, or whatever else, you name the “serious” situations, and Starbucks WON’T pay for it. Keep in mind, there are some online courses that are offered for free, some courses also are covered by financial aid or government based programs. People from the community have lot of privileges while many others don’t have that opportunity and for those who look at win-win situation usually comes from families that live in poverty and are very grateful for the offer online college program. Either way, it is the employee’s choice.

Starbucks has been contributing in many ways to make a difference in the community by donating the clean water in underdeveloped world, matching dollars to donate to various non-profit organizations. There are so many lists of what Starbucks has done for this world.  They have also contributed by making some difference in the economy by having their stock public.

Now, is offering “Pay for College” a gimmick? People might think it’s not also some of you might think it is. If employees look at possible outcomes and the pros/cons of doing the program, they can come to a conclusion on whether it would be something they want to do. Maybe they would like to look at how much Starbucks contributed to community. This is the ideal perception rather than working for Starbucks and be a greedy person rallying against the company they work for. Starbucks is using this program to encourage their employees to commit to college. This is to help people complete their goals.It’s not all about the employee. It’s all about having Starbucks to offering everyone an opportunity to seize the opportunity to get themselves out of a low-income lifestyle by having a degree from an online college. Once the person finishes, they have a degree that was paid for by Starbucks! What more do they want?

Now, is it still a gimmick?

Seize the opportunity while it lasts, I’d recommended.

Written by Jasun Hicks
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