People started watching the NFL draft with their fingers crossed hoping to see Adham Talaat being drafted by the NFL. In honor of this event, there have been numerous news articles on Adham.

This video was created to reflect the destiny of Adham. It is also a promotional video for him.  

People don’t care which team picks him as long as he is drafted because that would mean the world to the community.

As anticipation builds up, people start to realize that the draft is a long process and it is possible that it may not be over until Sunday. Talaat may be drafted on the first round or might have to wait until the last round which takes place on Sunday, May 10, 2014.

The first draft usually takes 5 1/2 hours because there are a total of 32 teams.

If the NFL drafts Adham Talaat, there will be an explosion of support from this community. While it’s because he graduates from Gallaudet it is also because he is a member of the community. One that has been watched by many people during his seasons at Gallaudet as a football player.

Get involved, hashtags are #NFLDraft #NFLDraft2014 @a_talaat90