With many people in prisons that are not heard, there is an organization called “Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of the Deaf” (HEARD) that strives to fight for the rights of Deaf prisoners. While prisoners have it hard, Deaf prisoners are often in the worst place possible at the wrong time.

On their twitter header, they have placed an announcement about their latest campaign called #DeafInPrison. It is asking for people to watch the “Deaf In prison” online or at a screening and then post about what you’ve learned on social media.

This is another way that organizations are using social media to further educate the community and encourage involvement. If people haven’t had a chance to get more information about what’s happening in prisons and how deaf prisoners suffer more than hearing prisoners, this is a great campaign for people to get involved in.

DSTidbits is supporting HEARD by sharing articles that have been written by recently returned citizens. As per an interview that Mary Pat Withem conducted with the intern of HEARD on The Silent Grapevine, “Returned Citizens” is a preferred use of word over parolees or released prisoners.

In efforts to continue to support the community and awareness of prisoners and their struggles when they become returned citizens, follow HEARD on Google Plus: +BEHEARDDC Twitter: @BeHEARDDC or Facebook: HEARD DC.

Their official blog announcement: