“I really want to say thank you. Thank you for featuring me as a person, not just as a deaf person, but using my skills to help other people with education, helping children and teachers and staff members throughout the entire county,” Elliott said. “I enjoy that work, and I’m very appreciative of it. I just want to thank everybody.”(Daily Mountain Eagle – Elliott)

In the Daily Mountain, this quote is displayed at the end of the article but it highlights the importance of recognition of what skill-sets our community individuals have so they can be further appreciated and possibly increase the placement of individuals in jobs. Many employers worry about things like being sued for lack of adequate accommodations, getting an angry employee every time something doesn’t go their way, and a repeat of some employee behavior.

While these are common issues even among the hearing community, our community is a minority group and unfortunately for us, stereotypes affect us more when people prove to employers that there are people like them in the workforce. 

“Elliott said they have skills and talents like anyone else, and there are varieties of different communication tools now available to break down that barrier.” (Daily Mountain)

It might suck but the reality is, people from this community need to demonstrate themselves in the best light possible especially when it comes to employers. This doesn’t mean that issues shouldn’t be dealt with but they do need to be dealt with in a tactful way. Be professional and polite in the workplace and remind yourselves that nothing is free in life.

Work hard and play hard just like everybody else and people can gain their employer’s respect through consistency in their work.