Youth Ambassador Program Logo (NAD)

There is another conference coming up but it is in two years. The National Association for the Deaf had done a few things to refocus their mission this year. This included the removal of the Miss Deaf America Pageant. The pageant was replaced by something called the Youth Ambassador Program (YAP). Already, Julian Moiwai is saying this was a brilliant decision.

This was already in the works for the past two years but not everybody knows of or understands the change. If people are interested in following NAD Youth Ambassador Program which selected the winners last night, they can find more information on their Facebook page. In the mean time, be sure to congratulate the winners, Ryan Hait-Campbell and Elena Mayer!

Below is the video that was released requesting individuals to apply for the Youth Ambassador Program. The program is for individuals that range between the ages of 18 an 30. The competition is intended to replace the Miss Deaf America Pagent with the selection of two individuals to become ambassadors. They will work to implement a strategic plan that addresses social issues within the community. This will be in collaboration with the National Association for the Deaf. There are various events that these ambassadors will be attending including the Youth Leadership Camp, present at NAD presentations, workshops, and so forth. There are to be two representatives (one male, one female) and they will serve a two year term just like the Miss Deaf America Ambassador did.

If young adults between the age of 18 and 30 are interested in getting to know more about the Youth Ambassador Program and their requirements, they need to pay attention to how the program evolves over the next two years. The next competition is going to be in Phoenix, Arizona in 2016!


Information on the competition from the NAD website:

To watch the NAD YAP flourish as it goes through its first two years, there are several ways to follow them including Facebook. In effort to bring the community awareness of if there’s a way to follow the ambassadors on twitter, we asked and NAD answered.

Written by Mary Pat Withem