Never ever, and I mean ever throw any objects at Deaf people to get their attention. They are NOT your dog. Stop being lazy and have some class!

Do not over-enunciate your speech when you find out a person is Deaf. Deaf means Deaf, moving your mouth slower or yelling doesn’t mean it’s going to fix their hearing, have some respect. If you do happen to make this common mistake at least make sure that you have plenty of breath mints handy, we don’t want to smell your stinky as breath! GAWD!
Do not ever tell a Deaf driver to watch the road when signing. In fact, Deaf people will feel offended and they might get pissed off and kick you out of the car. (Statistics has proved Deaf people are better drivers overall than Hearing people).
Don’t ask a Deaf person if they can hear. It’s like asking if they can have sex. In fact, we fuck better than you. 
Don’t sneak up behind a Deaf person, you’ll more than likely get punched in the face. Consider yourself warned…wait – I dare you!

Written by Jasun Hicks