Deaf Vee Journal met with RID to discuss concerns about the article previously published on September 22, 2020, “Guess Who RID’s CEO is“. RID has provided a statement emphasizing their efforts towards transformative and transparent communication with the community.

The statement follows below:

The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) continues to practice transformative dialogue, change, and transparency. While there has been no dialogue with the Board of Directors, Deaf Vee Journal is working with Headquarters staff to make ongoing updates available online.

RID recognizes the complexities inherent to both recruiting and retaining executives that are not only able to manage an organization of this size, but to do so in a way that centers the mission over self-interest. The board was exceptionally disappointed with the circumstances that led to an inability to make a hire in November 2019. As shared in the announcement relaying that the search did not yield expected results, the board has continued to assess the history of attempts to hire a CEO and determine the cause of such past failures. The board continues to grapple with this issue all while developing a plan for an executive hire. RID is dedicated to the fulfillment of our mission and vision, and believes that the right executive will be able to support us in that framework. The board hopes that a hire is made, tentatively, in the spring of 2021.

From the beginning of their term, the board has been working to publicly address concerns of audism and racism at RID. In response to community accusations, the board hosted sessions on September 25 and October 2, details of which are posted on the RID Facebook page, and have been shared with members and stakeholders via email, and posted on the RID homepage.

The Board’s update to the community is provided below: “RID Members and Affected Communities,

This is a follow up to our Friday September 25th Board Announcement.

The RID Board of Directors met on Monday September 28th to discuss recent publications that have questioned the ethics and integrity of the organization and board members. As the board operates collectively, a real-time meeting was needed to discuss what was brought forth and how to move forward.

The board sees these postings as opportunities for healthy dialogue. Dialogue where we call one another in, ask the hard questions, and collaboratively move towards liberation. It is without question that within RID are deep roots of racism, audism, vidism, and ableism. All of which requires uncovering uncomfortable truths while moving forward.

In the spirit of continuing to move forward, the RID board is hosting an online public roundtable discussion on Friday October 30th at 7-9 ET / 4-6 PT. The format is a moderated discussion with all stakeholders invited. Time is allotted for participant engagement and Q&A. We expect this to be one of many discussions where we continue to lean into this much needed work. Registration for participation in this roundtable, found HERE, is required. Additionally, this will be simultaneously live streamed on the RID website through YouTube.

The board maintains transparency at each board meeting with time held on the agenda for membership comments and questions. This practice continues to be productive and engaging. Please join us every 3rd Wednesday 7-9 pm ET / 4-6 pm PT; please go to our website to register to attend.

In solidarity,

RID Board of Directors”

RID continues to work collaboratively with members and the community, inviting changemakers to the table. Since June, there have been 5+ town halls focused on the trajectory of the association, in addition to monthly open board meetings where members have consistently had opportunity to provide input since August 2019. Members and stakeholders are encouraged to attend board meetings and town halls to continue the shared work of transformation.

The online public roundtable on Audism and Racism is on Friday, October 30 at 7-9 pm ET.

Monthly board meetings are every 3rd Wednesday at 7-9 pm ET.

Registration is required to participate, please take time to register if you are able. Register here; the agenda is also available at the registration link. Note: registration is required for participation in the roundtable discussions and town halls. If you are unable to register, please visit the RID website to watch the live stream of the roundtable discussion.