Deaf Vee Journal released an article called, “Convo: A Deaf-Owned Sweatshop?“. There was an email submitted to Convo on July 12, 2021, and Convo responded late July 15, 2021, minutes after the article had been released following a different email sent on July 15, 2021, inquiring about their intended deadline to respond.

Email sent to Deaf Vee by Jay K, Convo’s Director of Interpreter Marketing

Hi Mary Pat,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us; however we do note that there was in our view a short window of time to respond to your long list of questions, several of which indicate some misunderstandings about the FCC rules; and inaccuracies about Convo’s current practices (such as the assertion that we rely on contract interpreters to staff 30% of our minutes; which is untrue.) We continue to work in partnership with our interpreting management team, Human Resources, and regulatory department to ensure the best experience possible for our customers and employees; while remaining in compliance with FCC regulations. We welcome your interest in learning about Convo’s position on At Home interpreting – and encourage you to read more about that here: You may also learn more about the FCC rules and regulations through the FCC’s website at


Jay K

The list of questions Deaf Vee Journal submitted to Convo Communications is available for your viewing. (clickable link)