The Deaf community is abuzz about the next cycle (cycle 22) of America’s Next Top Model and it’s not because everybody in the community loves modeling television shows. It’s for the same reason people watched Survivor when Christy Smith was in it and when Luke Adams was in the Amazing Race (more than once). There is somebody from this community that is being represented on America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) and his name is Nyle DiMarco.

ANTM Cycle 22

ANTM Cycle 22

On August 5th 2015, America’s Next Top Model will be entering its 22nd cycle. For those that don’t know what ANTM is, it is a reality television show and interactive competition. It is produced, created, and presented by Tyra Banks. There is a bit of a change this season. The ability to vote for your favorite model and have it count has been removed. Voting will be left up to the “professionals” this round.

Nyle believes that body language is a combination of facial expressions and emotions expressed through the body and a modeling photograph tells a story.

With the rules of ASL immersed into his soul, it helps to bring out stories from a modeling photo, and makes for an interesting character when acting. Nyle DiMarco

That is how American Sign Language benefits models that use it. For those that didn’t know, Nyle has a twin brother named Nico DiMarco and during an interview on March 22nd with Deaf and Hearing Network, he expressed his thoughts about his brother being on ANTM. “Of course, I think it’s cool to represent the Deaf community.” He also believes that Nyle is showing people that there’s no glass ceiling for those that are Deaf. Everybody that sets their mind to it, can do it.

He is an actor as well and is known for his role of “Garrett” on Switched at Birth. His acting portfolio also includes “In the Can” an independent ASL film.

He has Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to check his new website out as well.