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Learning American Sign Language (ASL) is something that many people want to see hearing parents do when they find out their child is deaf, or adopt deaf kids. Being a parent can be overwhelming, scary, and downright exciting. The Wells Fargo ad released features a lesbian couple learning ASL before they went to meet their adoptive daughter.

They take the time to learn important things such as finger spelling, signing phrases like “I’m so proud of you”, and tirelessly practicing. It doesn’t matter where they are, they take the time to practice the phrases and finger spelling. At the end, they are united with their daughter and everybody looks so happy. While this was an emphasis on diversity and the emotional stories behind customers.

Wells Fargo’s Chief Marketing Officer Jamie Moldafsky acknowledged that there may be some backlash but they obviously are not afraid because these ads are going out.  Wells Fargo has been a long-time supporter of the LGBT community. (They even have a specialized unit for giving financial advice to same-sex couples.) Wells Fargo has an ongoing commitment to provide outstanding customer service to help their customers from diverse background.

The beauty of this ad is not the story itself but the fact that the lesbians are actually a lesbian couple, and the child is really deaf. There is no misrepresentation happening in the ad and Moldafsky had acknowledged the importance of being authentic. Which is exactly what actors and actresses in the community have been rallying for. Without realizing it, Wells Fargo has scored big points by casting a deaf child to represent the community rather than a hearing child acting like she was deaf.  Way to support #DeafTalent, Wells Fargo!