As part of the process in investigating Moody’s credit ratings, board members of Sorenson were reached out to by a DSTidbit reporter. Only one responded and when he initially returned the call, he thought that he was speaking to a Sorenson employee.

“Morale is high and I’m impressed” he says and then was asked to hold on so questions could be gathered. At that moment he realized he was not speaking to a Sorenson employee and mentioned that he did not feel comfortable discussing questions, “I don’t feel comfortable with the Q/A format of open dialogue”.

“Have you seen Moody’s Credit Ratings for Sorenson Communications” was asked and he then mentioned that these questions should be directed to upper level management within the company. After being asked what his role was within the company, he mentioned he was a new board member and did not know enough to discuss anything any further.

His role as a board member was another question that he had a hard time answering and then again referred to the upper level management within the company. When asked who he recommended to be contacted for these types of questions if he did not feel comfortable answering, again he could not answer.

“I’m new and I don’t know anybody personally within the company” was his response. He then suggested to use Sorenson’s switchboard to reach the investor relations department, “or something like that.”

What does that tell people about the type of people that are being invited onto the board for Sorenson Communications.