The draft was a disappointment for Adham Talaat however that didn’t stop him from quickly gaining the opportunity for a tryout.

“Adham Talaat, DE from DIII Gallaudet University, has earned a rookie minicamp tryout with the Seattle Seahawks. He’s been told that if he impresses there, he will be signed to a contract.” (Network)

The sports reporter, Mark Giannotto for the Washington Post  broke the news via twitter that Adham Talaat’s dreams are continuing by agreeing to do tryouts with the Seattle Seahawks.

It was also tweeted by Divison 3 that Division III was shut out again this year during the draft. So Adham Talaat isn’t the only excellent player from Divison 3 that has been shut out from the NFL draft this year. It is very possible that being a Divison 3 player had hurt his chances at being drafted this year.

If Adham Talaat gets into the NFL, he will be one of two current Deaf football players in the NFL but the first from Gallaudet University. Not only will this add to diversity to the NFL along with Michael Sam, the first openly gay man to be drafted by the NFL.

In April prior to the NFL draft this year, Adham Talaat had Pro Day set up for him by Gallaudet.

“Six NFL scouts stood in a circle on Gallaudet’s football field on a sunny April morning. Talaat warmed up a few feet away. Gallaudet coaches and staff stood scattered around, signing to one another. The field’s perimeter chain-link fence had become a spectator hub, where about 50 Gallaudet students stood watching and signing. The field was quiet, with only the occasional shout of encouragement for Talaat.” (Washington Post )
For further clarification, Adham was asked if he was officially a NFL player or if he had been invited to minicamp. This is his response –

Fingers crossed for a great tryout! The community is rooting for you!