As the community is anxious to hear about how Adham did at Seahawks basic training camp, there has been no results as of 7 AM EST on 5/20 on whether he has been accepted by the team as one of their players or not. However there has been a very positive reaction by the coach.

While Peter Carroll has shared no concerns and is very happy with his efforts. Working hard and playing hard in the NFL is important however this doesn’t guarantee positioning on the team. Adham has expressed gratitude for how things have happened and says that it’s all up to God now whether he gets on the team or not. 
If Adham makes the team, the Seahawks will be gaining an excellent player and thousands of fans all over America because he represents a very small group of people but this group of people will be loyal to him because where ever he goes, he will still be a representative of our community. It is a very exciting opportunity for the community to have a reason to watch football. While Derrick Coleman is already in the NFL under the Seahawks, he is not somebody that identifies himself as part of our community. He does not sign and his needs are different. This is why, even though the Seahawks already have a deaf player on the team, they are still treading uncharted waters for their team.