Updated on Tuesday 8/9/2022

There is a post circulating the internet stating that over six people at the Deaf Nation World Expo in Las Vegas were exposed to monkeypox. There is no way to confirm whether this is true or not however Deaf Vee has reached out to the DeafNation World Expo team to inquire about additional information. Joel Barish sent an email to Deaf Vee stating that people do not share their health issues with him “due to privacy”

If you suspect you may have been exposed, please go get screened for monkeypox. For parents, the Food and Drug Administration is allowing children to receive the Jynneos vaccine which is authorized typically only for adults. This vaccine can prevent infection or reduce the severity of the symptoms after exposure.

Officials from the new White House team of monkeypox coordinators include FEMA’s Robert J. Fenton Jr. as the coordinator of their monkeypox response team. “Fenton and Daskalakis will lead the Adminstration’s strategy and operations to combat monkeypox outbreak, including equitably increasing the availability of tests, vaccinations and treatments.” according to the announcement by Jeff Zients.

For more information in ASL about monkeypox, check out “Q&A: Monkeypox

Some ways to protect yourself and others in our ASL Vlog “Top five ways to protect yourself and/or others from monkeypox

According to WHO contact tracing should occur immediately after suspected case is identified. “As soon as a suspected case is identified, contact identification and forward contact tracing should be initiated. Contacts of probable and confirmed cases should be monitored, or should self-monitor, daily for any sign or symptom for a period of 21 days from last contact. Quarantine or exclusion from work are not necessary as long as no symptoms develop.” (24 June 2022 Technical Document)