In attempt to comply by the request by the law firm representing Rochester School for the Deaf, we have removed the article and placed their letter of cease and detest. Because of how Social Media is these days, the request that we remove this article and comply with their request is fairly difficult without removing all the shares the article has already received therefore replacing the content in the article was the best solution we could come up with.

To Whom It May Concern:

This law firm represents Rochester School for the Deaf.  The purpose of this communication is to demand that you remove from your media, including but not limited to your website and your Facebook profiles, and any other form of publication, the article regarding Rochester School for the Deaf with the publication date of April 4, 2022. The article is entirely false, malicious, and is intended to cause harm to RSD and the professionals identified in the article.  The article contains both false information and untrue implications.  The article is likely written by a disgruntled employee who is under investigation for gross misconduct.  

I am hereby notifying you of the defamation and alerting you that the claims contained in the article are false claims that result in the defamation of character to the specifically identified individual administrators and to the business entity of Rochester School for the Deaf.  You have conducted no investigation whatsoever and simply posted unverified information.

If this article is not removed immediately from all media sources, legal action will be pursued against the publication known as the Deaf Vee Journal and the individuals listed on your website as responsible parties, including, but not necessarily limited to: James Collins, Tomeka King, and Mary Pat Luetke-Stahlman.   

This is an extremely careless publication and legal action will be taken should you choose to continue the reckless publication which demonstrates a complete lack of commitment to journalism standards and further causes immediate damage to the reputation of the professional persons identified in the article and to the Rochester School for the Deaf as a business organization.   

A full retraction of the statements must be made immediately.  If there is not a full retraction immediately on April 4, 2022, Rochester School for the Deaf and its impacted administrators will seek legal damages against you for the falsehoods made.  In addition to legal action against you, Rochester School for the Deaf will be contacting the Attorney General’s Office regarding the unlawful actions by the publication and its team members.

Your action is required immediately given the serious falsehoods contained in your publication.